Suggestion: show timing of last comment in thread

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    I'm starting to use these forums more often, but get annoyed by a couple of things:

    In the list of threads, you show the date of the original post. That is not as interesting to the reader as it would be to know when the latest reply in was posted. After all, an old thread can be lively or just have received a pertinent reply.

    Similarly, you show how many views a post has had. If this counted the number of unique (logged in) viewers, it would at least carry some information, although not much. But it seems to indicate page views, which means that me updating the page every now and then to see if my question has been answered counts as multiple page views! As such, showing this number is completely pointless, in my opinion.

    You could swap the pointess 'number of views' figure for the 'last reply in this thread' figure, which would make the forums more useful, in my opinion.

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