Why buy Lingvist Unlimited?

  • This is a direct question to whoever is benefiting from the money that I payed for subscription. Because nobody is answering my mails. There are no speaking dialoges or reading exercises or new challenges or specialised courses on the unlimited version. So what exactly did you sell me? Please answer me either here or through one of the 99999 mails that I sent. Otherwise I will simply charge back the money since you took it for a service that you don't provide.

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    @farat-aydan No worries on my account. 🙂 Hope your exams are going / went well!

  • @thomas-heiss Thank you for pointing this out, time limit wasn't written on the free version I tried, so I got confused. Also sorry for being aggressive @annika_a and @Marina , I didn't sleep more than 24 hours because of my exams and I am a little bit easily irritated, please remove or mark the thread as solved however you like, I wouldn't want to cause confusion to other users with the title.

  • @farat-aydan said in Is lingvist unlimited a total scam?:

    I tried the application from another account also, it says "this is a trial application and your trial will end in ..." no data.

    Then don't use an account with an active trial of all unlimited features 🙂

    It has exactly same features as my version which I payed for.

    Of course.
    That makes sense!

    Once the 24-48h trial period ends: The feature differences will be much bigger between Unlimited Free.

    Trust me.

    Here is the matrix: https://lingvist.com/pricing

    My "Lingvist Free" of Spanish has:

    • no word list anymore (popup buy unlimited message)
    • words will be limited to 3000 (I can't test, as only the first 1000 words have been learned in 11 days until 12/31/2017)
    • learning NEW words / day will be 50 (I did not test already)

    The message appeared for my account that the "trial" has ended; but at least I did see the 48h time inveral, counting down to 24,.....0.

  • @marina I am sorry but maybe I am not clear enough, I said, there is absolutely no difference between paid and free version for German, voice recognition is there word list is there, challanges are unlimited. I am trying both versions right now and I am not hallucinating, also it is nowhere written in your advertisement " you will pay us in advance for stuff that you might receive in future please believe in us". So yes, please , I want a refund as soon as possible, thank you.

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    Hey @Farat-Aydan,

    The paid service is called "Unlimited" because that's the primary benefit - we're not limiting any of the content, a total number of vocabulary words, and new words per day. We're also not capping challenges. Free users will be limited to 1/day. Unlimited users also get word lists and voice input on Android or iOS apps. But as you point out, specialsied courses and challenges are not yet available in the EN>DE course. The former will be coming soon (as @annika_a pointed out), whereas the latter - very soon. Different courses get challenges at slightly different times.

    Part of the reason we offered such a large initial discount was in recognition of this fact: we essentially were asking people to take a small leap of faith with us. In return, we made a long-term subscription as affordable as we could, and are letting people lock in that intro rate for as long as they keep their subscription active, even as we add more and more features.

    But we don't want disappointed learners! We're happy to refund your subscription if you don't feel it's worth it for you!

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    If you have the same features on an Unlimited and a Free user account, that is indeed a problem (although they actually seem to have said just "January 2018", rather than the "1 January 2018" I also understood it as here, and just "2018" elsewhere.

    But you are wrong in that one can't sell something as "upcoming" -- they did, even though you seem to have chosen to ignore that wording in the description of what you were subscribing to.

    You're probably best off cancelling your subscription, though, as it doesn't seem Lingvist can offer what you are expecting from them.

  • @annika_a I tried the application from another account also, it says "this is a trial application and your trial will end in ..." no data. It has exactly same features as my version which I payed for. Nobody can sell something "upcoming", that is called pre-order. I didn't pre-order anything, I payed for a subscription that was supposed to be active starting from 2nd of January 2018. They have no right to sell me "features" which don't exist. If that is the case then they could just keep the billing information and then charge the money when these features are added. Currently this is just a huge scam and I will just chargeback the money, also warn about it to people that I know who is interested in this application. If they need donations they could ask for donations, trying to sell something that doesn't exist is just retarded, I mean there is not even a sign of any extra feature. They don't even pretend.

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    The Unlimited version is (as far as I understand) tied to your account, not a specific version of the app or the web version. So with the same account you'll have access to the Unlimited offering (such as it is at any point in time) on all platforms.

    As for the specialized courses being "upcoming", I really don't know how that could be misunderstood.

  • @annika_a They clearly state in the description that there is going to be additional features such as specialized courses (for example a course focused on medicine or economy etc.. as I understood), additional challenges that includes speaking dialoges, reading exercises etc... There is nothing like that, if they don't answer soon I will just have to contact with my bank for chargeback which is a really unpleasant procedure and it is really bad for the reputation of their work when they sell something that doesn't exist. Also if it was the case as you explained there would be a restriction on the old version. I have two devices one of them updated other one old version and I also tried the website, they are all absolutely the same thing. There is no difference at all.

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    As I mentioned in the other thread, it works for me as announced:

    "These premium features will be available for free to all Lingvist learners until the end of the year so you can see what they’re all about. Starting in 2018, these features, along with more upcoming ones, will be available as part of the Lingvist Unlimited subscription if you’d like to continue using them."

    I believe the specialized courses are mentioned as "upcoming" everywhere, including the list of features of Unlimited versus Free accounts on the pricing page, so I can't see why you'd expect to see them already.

    Having said this, I do think Lingvist staff should be better an answering questions here.

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