Paid for Unlimited but nothing's changed

Signed up and paid for unlimited but all I have is the same as the free version. No challenges available etc... Can I have a refund please if I'm not being given what I've paid for.

Yeah I'm experiencing the same issue, all I want is what I paid for, shouldn't be too much to ask.

You might wanna read this post:

@ave said in Update: Latest features & Lingvist Unlimited:

Hi all!

Popping in to hopefully give some clarification on some of the questions you've brought up in this thread.

Firstly — we had to temporarily disable the Challenges in French, since we found a bug that made the speaking exercises very difficult to use. They're all back now, I hope for you too @ebastidas3! If you don't see exercises in the Challenges area right away, do a few words with Learn first — Challenges take a bit of time to load.

Next up — update on the timeline for German (and Russian too) @Nikola-Đukić. We're still working on the exercises and hope to have the first batch with you in a few weeks time.

Lastly, about the timing of our subscriptions launch — Part of the reason we offered such a large initial discount was in recognition of this fact: we essentially were asking people to take a small leap of faith with us. In return, we made a long-term subscription as affordable as we could, and are letting people lock in that intro rate for as long as they keep their subscription active, even as we add more and more features.

Thanks for keeping us on our heels, all these questions are helping us clarify our communications and improve the product!

Hi @Nikola-Đukić, thanks for the link. I've tried 50 cards but unfortunately nothing has changed.


I'm experiencing the same problem! Think there's another bug causing havoc

Just borrowed an iPad and the challenges work on there, but not on my laptop using Safari.

I can't borrow an iPad each time though....

Thanks @dev_temp. I've just installed Chrome and the challenges now appear.


I paid Unlimited for the whole year, so my subscription ends in January 1st, 2019. Apparently the new features are not available yet for that particular course (German for English speakers). So, I would say that from my point of view, "nothing has changed".

I understand the "leap of faith" argument mentioned before, but the subscription timer should start once the new features are actually available.


Every user new user that joins Lingvist has trial access to unlimited functionality, so had the long-term users before New Year. After the end of the trial period free subscription imposes certain limitation on user's ability to use the site. So, basically paid subscriber pay for things to stay the same. Lingvist never claimed that there is some kind of hidden during trial period, but unlockable through paid subscription, functionality. They offer you what they have and give you a chance to try it out. If you like it, you pay for. I don't get how one can complain about not getting the functionality that ever existed or was claimed to exist only in one's imagination.

Please check the announcement video of Scott:

Here is quote related to what Unlimited should offer:
"... It's our first paid offering with unlimited learning and a host of new features..."

These new features are mentioned:

  • Voice recognition
  • New Challenges area
  • Multiple-choice exercises
  • Speaking dialogues
  • Reading content
  • Specialized courses (Probably)

I am using the german course, but nothing has changed in my app. Hence what I wrote in my previous post.


I was looking forward to the one-on-one help actually. I try to google a lot of the problems on my own first, of course. But sometimes lingvist won't accept my answer and I was sure that it was right. Sometimes I report it and it gets fixed, but sometimes not. I just want to know when I'm wrong why I was wrong!

And reporting an error is a hassle IMHO. I wish we could report a problem directly from the card. And I can't find a way to report an error at all on the android app.

I'm on the Spanish course.

I also bought Lingvist Unlimited. It seems like nothing has really changed from the free version. I am learning French and completed all the "challenges" in 5 minutes! I, too, would like a refund.


You can learn in French ~5000 (unlimited) vs 3000 (free) words, if you have not already done so.

You can complete challenges, where only one challenge is available per day with the "Lingvist Free".

How many words are in your vocabulary database?

You can also learn more than 50 words / day with "Lingvist Unlimited"

Feature matrix:

Seems to me that unlimited version is nothing at all more than the free one and that now is useless. I've had the same 100 words every day for a month, cannot get new ones. Was the same with free and paid versions and 4 requests for help have been ignored. Forecast - company will file for bankruptcy within a few months. Nothing like pissing off paying customers to end a business

@Nicholas-0 i would be surprised if free version would have specially introduced bugs to make people pay, so it's completely expected that you face the same issues with free and paid version. Are they ignoring your emails, your inquiries through help menu or your messages on forum?

Ignoring no line help messages

Try emaling at or High quality high priority 1:1 assistance is that what they've promised to you as a paid user and it's kinda suck it they don't even bother to respond. Other users said that Lingvist was very responsive and you are the first telling it's the other way around.

I have used that link to ask why my answers were marked incorrect. Sometimes I get an emailing telling me that my answers will now be accepted as synonym. Just as often, I don't get any response at all. And, on some rare occasions, I get an emailing saying that the answer could not be accepted and a couple of links to a Spanish dictionary pages, in Spanish. If I could understand enough Spanish to glean the answer from those links. I wouldn't be using Lingvist. The 1:1 support that was promised is a great disappointment to me.

Hi Kathy!

We have just checked and we’ve got a total of 17 emails from you, that latest being from February 12th. We have all of them marked as responded. If there is anything else you have marked as unanswered, do forward it to us : )

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