Problem reviewing words after limit of 50 new words reached

From what I understand, the free version will let you learn 50 new words a day and "review as many as you need". However on my Android app I'm unable to review any words after I've reach the 50 new word limit, even though I have words to practice. When I reach the limit I get a screen telling me I've reached the limit and giving me the option to subscribe or stay with free. When I select "stay with free" it sends me back to the progress page. At that point if I select "learn" it again gives me the screen telling me I've reached the limit. Then back to the progress page. Etc. So I can't use the app at all after I've reached the limit.

At I can continue to review words after reaching the limit, but after each card I get the screen telling me I've reach the limit. When I select "stay with free" I get another card - but after that card I get the limit screen again. I have to click though that screen after every word to continue reviewing.

Hope these can be fixed soon, especially the Android app. Love Lingvist by the way!

What language are you learning because I havent gotten a new word since Christmas! 50 new word a day! Really? What is going on? Is everyone's experience supposed to be this drastically different? I havent been using the service very long, prolly about 2 months so what am I not doing? I do about 100 words about 5 times a week.


This is my challenge experience doing Lingvist for 11 days end of 2017 and finished learning 1000 words with the Spanish (from English; old algorithm, not new German algorithm) course:

The final statistic screenshots of my 2017 challenge are NOT uploaded yet (beyond day 7 and history summary), but the manually added table numbers in the 1st post are up-to-date already for the new words vs cards ratio.

Summary (My experience):
YES, you need to do many more than just 100 cards/day, to get 20, 50, 100 or ~150 cards displayed, especially if you learn the language from scratch and you answer many questions - and their reoccuring felt 3-5+ (maybe even 7, I was not counting yet) repetitions - wrong.

The most important is to do it FAST in a single learning session with no breaks in between; you really need to get your repeat stack down to 0-4, max. 10 AND keep it low!!

I got better results (for new words) on Lingvists when pushing over the 1 hour limit = 2-3 hours/day.
Once you hit a special point in your current learning session (with low repeat stack), Lingvist will spit MANY new words in a row at you.

I could clearly see this one day after 00:00am, 00:30am to 02:00am, where I made the best progress in those 1,5-2h after completing my initial run of 1,5h/52 new words/519 cards before 23:59pm (day session extended to 3h, 139 new words, 1033 cards).

Carlos, who also took part in my 2017 challenge had a quite different experiences for his EN-DE German course(new algorithm), being an intermediate already.

He also uploaded his final history statistic screenshot - and he was able to learn MANY MORE words than me, being a German intermediate.

@thomas-heiss Thank you so much to putting into perspective what I'd have to do in comparison to what I am doing. 2-3 hours a day is madness! You sir are a different kind of motivated. Yatzee, that's a bunch of time. It's great to know that if I wanted to I could accomplish these types of numbers. But I'm not that motivated. Im going to challenge myself to at least 200 words instead of 100. It's still early days and I dont want to burn out. I cant imagine not burning out at 2 hours a day. Side note: When do you work on your comprehension if you commit to this for 2 hours a day? I sincerely thank you for sharing your experience with me.

Another data point: I get 0--30 new words per course per day by doing 50 Spanish cards and 100 Russian cards (I'm a lot worse at Russian than at Spanish...). I spend about 30 minutes on the Russian and 15 minutes or less on the Spanish.

My experience hasn't changed much since Unlimited was launched. I have been doing the same thing for a couple of months now. Before, when I was doing some Lingvist sometimes and then having breaks in between, I got a lot fewer new words -- the system really seems to work best when you work at it diligently every day, even if it's not hours and hours on end every day.

@thomas-heiss Hey THANKS!! so much for your spot on advice. I was able to get almost 100 new words since yesterday. I now know that if I can squeeze in a little more everyday it will greatly increase my new words frequency. I know that sounds super simple but I really hadnt made the connection. Thanks again!

I'm also a little frustrated with having the limit screen appear after every new card (after I have learnt the 50 new ones for the day). Having to hit "Stay with free" after every question seems more like a bug than deliberately designed user experience, so I hope it gets fixed soon!

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