iOS app card counter bug

  • I've run into this problem on multiple days in the last few weeks: After running through a number of cards and exiting the app to do something else, I come back to find that the number of cards in my card counter can't go past the number where I left in. The weird part is, it's not refusing to increment--it will count new cards for maybe 5-20 in a row, then abruptly reset the counter by that many. Once I watched it go from 20/100 to 1/100. It can happen at any number, too--one day in the last week it was set at ~150/100, refusing to go any higher than 150 +/- 20 no matter how many cards I completed.

    Additionally, the "true" number of cards completed is clearly being stored somewhere server-side, because when I come back the next day I find that all of the uncounted cards I did the day before are now my day's starting total (I once started a day with over 150 completed cards, getting the "100 cards completed" award without doing a single one). The only connection between the times this happens is that I start the app up, go to do something else for a while and go back to it. If I do the number of cards I intended to in one sitting when first opening the app, it doesn't have this issue.

    Here's what this looks like on the daily progress chart:
    Imgur link because I don't have upload privileges
    In reality, I did these numbers of cards between Dec. 30 and Jan. 4:

    • 12-30: ~200
    • 12-31: ~200
    • 1-1: ~220
    • 1-2: ~200
    • 1-3: ~200
    • 1-4: ~300
      Because of this bug rolling cards over to the next day, what the graph shows instead is this:
    • 12-30: 0 (~200 uncounted)
    • 12-31: 311 (~200 rolled over from previous day, ~100 uncounted)
    • 1-1: 322 (~100 rolled over)
    • 1-2: 205
    • 1-3: 153 (~50 uncounted)
    • 1-4: ~300 (~50 rolled over)

    This is a frustrating user experience because it's hard to set goals for specific numbers of cards to complete in a day when you don't have any idea how many you've actually done, and anecdotally I think it also plays havoc with the repeat stack.

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