Some old words appear agian and again

  • when I am learning German I have to repeat some old words again and agian, also I type it right everytimes, they are still appearing eveyday such as Bühne and Hand. There are lots of words appearing everyday. I have just learned 536 words now and I want to know why I should repeat over 100 words everyday. I can remember most of them.

  • I got this from support:

    "We have upgraded our algorithm at the end of December and for some learners with previously low accuracy rates it resulted in greater repetitions of the same words. This change has been rolled back as of this morning and hence the speed with which your repeat words are going to re-enter the queue is back to previous. At the moment you need to complete whatever the outstanding repeat stack there is for you, after which you should see a lot more new words."

    It seems to have worked.

  • I have the same problem, i review so many times my revision list of words, again and again.... it seems to be broke... yet, i have a paid version: i alerted the devs upon that fact with no answers....

  • Same here. I get my word stack down to a low count or zero after doing 500 cards. Then the next day it starts again at about 350. This has been going on for days, and the word stack is always the same words over and over again each day. Something is broken, I think (and I have a subscription account)

  • How many times do you need to get it right before you stop getting the same word every day? I missed "Bühne" several times, but I get it every day now and haven't missed it in a long time. I don't know that I've ever missed "mehr", but there it is every morning. Before the Lingvist Unlimited option, I could open my vocabulary list and see that these and many other words were bright green, indicating they were well known and understood. Yet I see the same words each morning, especially in my first 50 words of the day.

    For the record, Lingvist says I know 882 words. I do at least 100 words 6+ days a week. Haven't seen new words in weeks.

  • it's just because you did a lot of fault during your learning track , and that's why you have to repeat those words before starting with new words

    don't get upset , just try to make less mistakes and you'll get much more new words to learn

  • But because I think their is bugs in German study. So I didn't get new words for a long time, I just start got new words 4 days ago.

  • I get around 20 new words but I have to repeat over 150

  • Lingvist graduate

    How many words are in your repeat stack/how many new words are you getting per day?

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