No repetitions of cards I answered wrong?

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    I started using Lingvist two years ago (French and Russian) and on French I got to +3000 words. I recently (a bit over two weeks ago) downloaded the app and continued with my courses. On the Russian course there was a reasonable number of repeat cards waiting, but on the French course all my +3000 words were on the repeat stack. I started working through them, 200 per day. And the stack gradually grew smaller. Two days ago I was close to getting below 2000 words and I did more cards than normally. I got a notification that I've reached a limit, chose the free option and didn't see any changes in the app, so I didn't think about it. Yesterday I noticed I wasn't getting any repeats of the cards I'd answered incorrectly (mind you, I'm not getting any new cards, they are all repeats from two years ago), just more 'new' words. Today the same thing. The nice thing is that my repeat stack is getting smaller a lot faster, the bad thing is that as about half of the 200 cards are those I get wrong, using Lingvist has become pointless since I don't get to practice the words I need to practice. I haven't noticed this happening on my Russian course.

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