Sentences to Practice counter stuck at 100

  • When I had learned 50 new words for the day, I clicked on practice more, figuring I could practice old words that I had not fully learned. This reset my sentences to practice counter to 100. Unfortunately, the counter now no longer decrements, even after doing dozens of practice words correctly. It is permanently stuck on 100, which permanently blocks the presentation of new words. I considered deleting the course and restarting, but the only option is to archive. Any smart way to solve this problem?

  • Is this the left grey hub repeat/practice counter or the counter from the progress / today (where in the panel you can also find history and vocabulary?

    I agree that the hub counter on the left seems to have a delay, and the progress-today counter is the leader, always....

    I would interpret your text that both final numbers (hub + today progress) have been the same?

    Will read your longer text the next (~2-4) days...

    Hope some backend data developer joins in...

    I can not really understand this Lingvist repeat and stack concept for myself 😞

  • @thomas-heiss (My previous message was sent when incomplete)

    Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Perhaps I can make the problem clearer with real data that I collected this morning.

    1. Over the interval of the first 10 cards that I answered:
      a. Starting counter:111
      b. Answered 10 review questions with unique words 100 percent correctly.
      c. Ending counter: 109
      d. The interval duration was about 4 minutes.
      f. It seems like the counter should have decremented by more than 2 cards.

    2. Over the entire session duration:
      a. Starting counter: 111
      b. Cards reviewed 83 composed of following
      c. 33 repeat cards, 31 answered correctly, 2 wrong (94% correct repeats). The 2 missed words were requizzed before the end of the session and constituted 2 of the total repeated cards.
      d. 50 new cards, 32 answered correctly, 18 wrong (64% correct new cards)
      e. 11 of the 18 missed new cards were quizzed again before the end of the session, 1 or 2 times, and constituted 16 of the repeated words in the session. All of the repeats were answered correctly. This means I had an ending balance of 7 missed and unreviewed new cards.
      f. It also means that excluding the 16 repeats generated by missed new cards, that of the 33 repeats done during the session 17 of them were present in the queue at the beginning of the session. Of these 17 repeats 2 of them were requizzes of repeat card that had been missed and 15 were repeats answered correctly the first time.
      g. Ending counter: 123
      g. The session duration was 35 minutes (it took some time to record the specific data.)

    3. This data indicates that I finished the session with 7 missed, and unrepeated, new words, which would be additions to the practice queue, and that I cleared 15 old words from the practice queue. If the counter was working correctly it should have decremented by a net 8 words during the session. Instead, it incremented by 12 words. Thus the total counting error was 20 cards. This leads me to suspect that the counter is not working.

  • @thomas-heiss Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Perhaps I can make the problem clearer with some data I collected this morning.

    1. Over the interval of the 10 cards I answered:

  • @Don-Reinertsen

    Probably you are not typing fast enough or answering ALL questions correct 😉

    The "practice / repeat" counter has IMHO the big problem, that it always increments, and never stops, when you do too many errors.

    For each error, there will be even multiple repeats of cards (maybe down-counting, maybe not).

    On Memrise it was not only 1-3, but 4-7 times (at least 3, and constants repeats for each of error), before I installed Cooljingle's user script.

    My feeling is (I was not counting already) that on Lingvist it is even worse or the same as it was before on Memrise (now they changed lately with a review code update).

    The max number I had seen that new (multiple) words were thrown at me (in a row) was "repeat count" 10-15.
    Before it was like 0-3 (4-5).

    So, yes, a bit weird that you get new words with 100, the same as for me with 10-15 or 3-5.

    The big problem on Lingvist is IMHO not only the increment of the repeat / practice counter for wrong answers, but that old cards (SR) will be added back when their review is due.

    I am not sure if the shortest SR on Lingvist is 4-5h/12h (like Memrise)...sometimes it feels like minutes even for the same session.

    The "learning / review session" never seem to want to stop...

    Summary: Yes, it is VERY VERY hard to get the repeat / practice counter down.

    Try to do 150/200, 300, 500 or 1000 cards on a day FAST and try to answer some cards correct!!

    You might want to further test some tips from dev_temp:

    See my 11 days challenge with 2-3h/day and my experiences / card ratio:

    You need to force yourself to go over the max. 100 / 150 / 200 cards from your below progress bar (not the repeats, but how many cards per day).
    And I can clearly see that you have not even reached reviewing "100 cards / day" (not the repeat/practice, but the total cards).

  • Yes I also have a practice counter bug where they are locked at zero. As I noted in my "no bug reports?" thread it's a bit odd as free users we are not even able to report it. Now we have the strange situation of trying to report bugs through forum posts. oh well.

  • @thomas-heiss I've taken two screen shots. in the first, my practice counter is at 101 after reviewing 25 cards. In the second, I have reviewed another 30 cards and learned 13 new words and my practice counter is at 105. At no point during the review of the cards did the practice counter drop below 99. I think the uplift in the practice counter primarily came from missing the new words on the first try.

    So I need to revise the symptoms. While the practice counter is unable to decrement below 99 it does appear to be able to start giving me new words despite this large backlog.

    0_1515547354193_Lingvist 1654.PNG 0_1515547513050_Lingvist 1716.PNG [alt text](image url)

  • @Don-Reinertsen

    With "Lingvist Free" you are limited to 50 new words / day.

    Can you make screenshot what you mean in detail?

    There may be other bugs with card presentations and the card counter or practice/repeat counter or too many popup messages since January with the start of Lingvist Free/Unlimited.

    I can not say for sure because last time for me was 12/31/2017 I learned >=50 words or reviewed old cards.

    It seems you guys have to wait a few more days until all developers are back from holiday and be able to fix some known stoff...

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