Switched from Unlimited to Free and now I lost my subscription

Hi, I bought the premium subscription and then switched to Free so my subscription would not renew again and now I don't have access to Unlimited anymore.

What is going on?

I also rated you 1-star on the App Store until this gets fixed.

Please please please fix this because Lingvist is a great product, too bad it's so buggy.

Thank you for your post.

We are aware of this issue. We will update the client apps soon to get it fixed.

You do not loose the premium when you disable the future payments. We have a bug in displaying out your subscription information in the my account view.

We are working already on fixing this bug.

Thank you Raul, I checked and indeed the app lets me learn more than 50 words in a day.

I'll update my App Store review.

All the best.

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