How to get my Spanish Challenges part to work...

I couldn't find if this topic has already been discussed, so I'll ask anyway. I am new here and was wondering how to get my Spanish Challenge thing to work. It's completely empty and I've done, I think it said, 210/100 questions. Any knowledge here?

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Is this what you are looking for? I should mention this is probably a lingvist unlimited only feature though, and they are still moving things around at this time.

Yes that's what I was talking about. Thanks! That makes sense. I was wondering why it wasn't working. Also, thanks for the speedy response! I appreciate it. :)

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@olivier-ma-dongqiang said in How to get my Spanish Challenges part to work...:

I should mention this is probably a lingvist unlimited only feature

The matrix and newsletters however state, that "Lingvist Free" users should have access to one challenge per day.

Quote: "Practice your reading, speaking, and listening skills with 1 daily challenge".

Huh... Then I wonder why it's not working. Maybe I should talk to Lingvist Support and find out what's happening. Thank you, Thomas!

Free user as well and don't have access to challenges, not even to 1 / day feature.

Speaking Challenges are available on Google Chrome only. You don't see them on other browsers unfortunately.

You can use them also in iOS and Android apps.

Ah, man. I use Windows Firefox. Is that what you use, Claudio O? Thank you Raul Liive! :)

Huh... I just realized that I can't edit my posts. Anyway, I was going to say that I had asked one of the Lingvist support people my question for possibly more info on what's going on (before Raul Liive answered my question :)) and he gave me this as his answer (just today, after Raul posted):

I can see that you are using Firefox to work with Lingvist. The reason why you don't see any challenges for the English>Spanish course is because speaking dialogues are only available in Chrome due to the fact that you have to use speech recognition to work with them.

I don't use Chrome for personal reasons, so I guess that I'll have to do without. I just thought I'd share this info with ya'll who were also wondering, like me, along with those who helped me out, if there was any work arounds. Thanks, to you guys, who answered my question. It means a lot. :)

All right. This is ridiculous. I accidentally copied and pasted some of the above into this last post and submitted it before I read it. Only to find that I can't edit my post after 300 seconds. Sorry, guys! I messed up. :( I had copied some of that so that I could put it into a kind of list on a Openoffice sheet, so that I could figure out better how this site and forum works, so that if I was working on different language websites, I could just look on my sheet and remember what which site did/does. It's annoying that I can't fix it and write what I was going to say in the previous post. Again, I apologize for this mistake. It won't happen again!

I use both Safari and Chrome, I've noticed that the challenges are sometimes there and sometimes ain't, so I just assumed they are still moving things around (as I said in my original reply). They should have left a message indicating that the feature is not supported by the browser, rather than simply leave the page blank, and causing all these confusion.

And it's definitely odd that posts are not editable!

@Sapphire what are you personal reasons not to use Google Chrome? May be you can try Chromium, SRWare Iron or Opera?

@dev_temp I prefer using Firefox. I think that it is better, but also because Chrome wastes/messes with the resources on my computer. I don't think that I've ever heard of SRWare Iron or Opera, though. Thanks for the advice! :)

@Sapphire resource-wise there shouldn't be significant difference between browsers I've listed and Google Chrome as they all share the same engine, so I guess my hint wasn't very useful in your case. I prefer Firefox myself, but at the moment it lacks required technology for challenges to function.

That's all right, @dev_temp! I appreciate your help, anyway. Thanks for trying, though. It's the thought that counts, really!

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@Sapphire No I use Chrome, but the problem persists from the day they introduced the Unlimited subscription. Before that I could access some challenges listed and I completed some of the level 1/2 speaking ones. After that when I go into the My challenges menu it writes no challenges available at the moment. Such issues will probably push new users away from using Lingvist instead of making them subscribe for unlimited...

@Raul-Liive It doesn't work with Google Chrome if you're using a Chromebook. The section is completely empty then. And other sites can make voice recognition work with chromeos so there shouldn't be any technical limitations. Any ideas on how to make it work?

Awesome, you guys. The Lingvist team got it up and running. They said that it should work on all devices, now. So we all should be able to do the challenges now. I can only do one a day, but as all you kind people have said, that's what we get (free). Also, thank you to everyone that talked on the thread. You guys are awesome!

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