No bug reports for all users?

  • I find it a bit strange that you have limited bug reports to premium users only. Removing bugs improves the product as a bug that affects one quite possibly affects others. Awareness of genuine bugs, regardless of whether you act on them can only benefit the product.

    I suspect if a person encounters a bug but isn't even able to report it they will be less likely to sign up for the premium service, at least that's the case for me.

  • @paul-j-kimberlee said in No bug reports for all users?:


    Probably another bug with account management.

    I guess it will take at least 4-8 or more weeks to fix all known bugs for the developers after their vacation with introducing the new unlimited and free account "features".

    Bug reporting:

    Without a transparent central tracking / issue list, it does not really help, when users can write an e-mail and use an form field to report bugs, as each email gets a new bug id.

    This is the same case for DuoLingo where the above list does not exist.

    Before posting new bugs, users need to be able to search the bug list for existing problems, or where new bugs can be marked as duplicate of another bug id.

    IMHO the best option is to use this forum, as other users can find the same issue, which was reported already (well, they probably won't search or won't find).

    The Lingvist forum software it is much better than DuoLingo troubleshooting discussions support.

    Maybe a central "Lingvist-Bug-Support" tag name would help greatly, like it is available with Memrise-Support on the community forum?!!

    It makes IMHO no sense that new users have to scroll a big list of "Lingvist employees" and add multiple names for tagging the "right" Lingvist contacts!!!

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