Not able to practice with free subscription

  • I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem practicing old words with the free subscription. I can only practice about 20 old words, then I get my 50 new words for the day, then it tells me that the algorithm says I have no new words to practice, even though my country on the left says I have about 1800. If I click the button to get a random card set, it just tells me the same message again. I also cannot email the company or file a bug report without the unlimited subscription, so I guess I am a bit stuck here. Has anyone found a fix?

    Happy language learning, all!

  • Hi guys!
    I do have the same problem, over 1000 words to practice but no "real" repetition. I am not extremely interested in 50 new words when I am struggling with the old ones...

    By the way, it's in the English to Spanish course.

    Is there anything we can do ourselves to fix/ help it fix? (I can't even send "bugs" because I am a free user, which to be honest isn't nice and I would consider feedback is helpful no matter by whom...)

  • No new words and 500 words constantly to learn, even after answering 100 old words. Still broken.

  • @Thaurin - horribly broken. Repeat counter is stuck for more than a week and won't change even after i review plenty of 'old' words.
    what's more concerning is the lack of communication from Lingvist's team. using Android app for Spanish course.

  • It started giving me new words after only 19 cards and the sidebar still indicates 122 words to practice. That words to practice indicator also behaves erratically, sometimes increasing, sometimes staying the same and only sometimes decreasing when I correctly answer a test.

    Am I completely misunderstanding Lingvist or is this thing horribly broken?

  • If this is a way for them to try and entice me to pay for Lingvist Unlimited, it's not working...

  • It seems they "fixed" it by making sure new words come later than before, so that you at least manage to reach the 100 words a day goal.. still get the same annoying advert that wont go away..

  • I'm still getting new words now, even though it still says I have 130 words to practice. The new words to practice went down for a few words, but stopped going down after a while and now it's stuck again.

    I guess I better stop learning new words untill this is fixed (if ever).

  • Mine actually seems to be fixed, and I've been doing nothing but practicing through my huge backlog of words to learn for the past few days. If people are still having issues, I guess that means they will probably clear up soon!

  • Yes, the issue is that Lingvist says that I have x words to practice, but it starts serving me new words instead. The words to practice count is just going up without the possibility to consistently practice them. The site is not very useful anymore in this state, I'm afraid.

  • The 50 free words card is showing up when we hit 50 and is causing no problems. What you need to fix is that the other cards appears and on it the practice existing words button is broken.

    If you are saying that when the other card is appearing the 50 card limit should appear, then that is also a problem, 'cause the thing shows up so persistently and invasively that it might as well be a pop up ad.

  • I encountered the same problem. System gives me new 50 words at the very beginning and I don’t have even change to repeat old words enaugh. It forces to go paid version, to continue, but I should have possibility t repeat old words.

  • Same issue here. it's ridiculous, and no, it is definitely not going to push me to pay for Unlimited. quite the contrary.
    I am also wondering why there's no official reply from Lingvist.

  • Same problem here. I came back from a little break hoping to use Lingvist but whatever changes have been made to it seem to have broken a lot of things.

    After 50 new words I got a pop-up that I reached the end of the course, moved on, repeatedly got a pop-up that I needed to rest (20 minutes in mind you) then after repeated presses to get new words it vanished.

    However, now after every word I get a screen that I've reached my word limit which I need to click away. I hope that's a bug. If so, I don't get why nobody spotted that since many people are running into it. If not, it's a terrible, terrible UX flaw.

    We can't even submit a bug because that feature is for paying users only? Really?

  • I have the same issues with Ted and peeposaurs.. The same frustrating messaged everyday. This is making me reconsider whether I should continue spending time on Lingvist as other similar apps offer you the possibility to repeat and practice words as much as you want to learn them better. Plus, challenges are not working although they said free uses could finish 1 challenge per day.

  • Same here. Each day it serves the 50 new words before I've even gotten to my 100 cards for the day. It gives me the "pay us" interrupter message and the "practiced all words" message with, allegedly, the option to "Come back later when Lingvist's algorithm has got some repeat words that will need refreshing in your memory — or if you can't wait, hit the button below to practice a random set." but even though I have hundreds of words listed to practice pressing the button does nothing.

    With this it actually feels like the site hampers learning, because it actively blocks me from the repetition that would help reinforce and learn the word. I don't know how this is supposed to get anyone to pay for the upgraded version if it can't even manage the most stripped down version of its basic introductory features?

  • Oh, weird...mine doesn't say I completed the course - just that I have a clean slate. And I've learned just under 1800 words and have just under 1800 words it says I need to practice (makes sense...for a week, I've been learning 50 new words a day and haven't practiced them once...), so something is a bit messed up here.

  • to be clear, I know that I´ve reached the 50 new words limit today, it says:

    "You've practiced all the words there are for you in the course!
    Well done — a clean slate again!"

    but it says I have completed the course, which seems odd..

  • You´re not alone, this is so annoying. I´m on 2050 words, so not even near the supposed 3000 word limit... and like you say, I can´t practice old words either, pushing the "Serve me some new cards"-button nothing happens..

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