Same words repeated for weeks

  • For many weeks now, I continually see and correctly answer the same words. I do at least 100 words/day, 6 days per week. Before the upgraded system was in place, I could look at my list of vocabulary and see I'd corrected answered, say, "mehr" (more) over 20 times, yet I'll continue to see it in my daily routine. I get 98%-100% of the first 50 words correct.

    As a result, I'm never seeing new words. It's the same words repeated. I thought this would take care of itself after a while--just a repeat of old words to make sure I still knew them. But it's been at least 6 weeks and I'm still seeing words I knew stone cold repeated every day.

  • Regarding the first issue I mentioned in my previous message, same words are repeated again and again. i'd like to point out that the repeat word counter is stuck at 200 words, no matter what. I am using the Android app for the Spanish course. I've checked both the Android app and the web based app and the issue exists in both. trying to logout and clear the cache didn't seem to help. it's a pity, since Lingvist seems to be a genuinely great app (except for these bugs).

  • Same thing here using the Android app - no new words, and same words are being repeated for review. this issue is the second one i am encountering during my first week of using this app. It will surely be the last if it's not getting fixed in a matter of few days from now.
    The other issue I encountered yesterday is a message that prevents me from reviewing words because I am a Free user and not an Unlimited users.
    I think that both of these bugs are related.
    Lingvist, fix your bugs or at least reply and say that you're working on this. that would be something.
    otherwise, i am off to one of your competitors.

  • Lingvist graduate

    Same here. It started a few days before Christmas and it is still the same today. I expected they would solve the problem right after the new year, however, what I found was 1000+ words in the repeated stack after a short vacation.

    I spent 5+ hours just to clear all 1000+ words and got to do 20 new words, and the other day 400+ more were back.

    I still have a few days off for my vacation so I could just waste the whole day on Lingvist right now, but it would be difficult to keep up once I go back to work.

    I do think the algorithm problem is more serious and more important than monetization at the moment. No one will pay for a broken product.


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