1:1 support?

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    What is the 1:1 support mentioned in the Lingvist Unlimited description?

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    @dev_temp Oh, I'm certainly not frustated, just curious. As I mentioned, true personal "pedagogical attention" is not something I'm expecting to get for under 50 € a year (or month, for that matter).

  • @annika_a Oh well, I feel you. There are lots of things about Lingvist that make average user wander what kind of duck is going on here. To be fair, they newer really described a scope of questions they are going or not going to answer in terms of 1:1 support, but from what I've seen so far, it's really a kind of product support. I.e. if you have any issues with Lingivst as a product, that make it difficult for you to use the product, they are there for you to express their sympathy and maybe even improve something on a sunny day. On contrast, you, as an end user, by 1:1 support probably read some for of tutoring, right? Like answering some questions regarding the language or explaining some difficult topics. It is funny and sad to see how they deliver things exactly how they were promised and still make users frustrated.

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    @annika_a Although, I don't think bug resolving is really what I would understand as 1:1 support when it comes to language learning.

    I would assume 1:1 support would be support specifically in learning the language, not just using the tool. But at the very reasonable price I'm paying, I'm not expecting magic -- just airing my curiosity here.

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    @dev_temp Thanks! Oh gosh, I have used that method of reporting on Android in the past, but had completely forgotten about it because it's so well hidden.

    I was thinking of something more self-evident and user friendly like a link in the actual exercise... As it is now, I just take a screen shot and always think I'll get around to emailing it to Lingvist, but mostly never get around to it... The times I have done so it has certainly been worth it, I've always received a nice and prompt reply and I think the problems have been solved as well.

  • @annika_a I'm not sure what do you mean by "dedicated method". On the Web you can access "1:1 support" through Help -> Contact us here, on Android: My Account -> Profile -> Help & FAQ -> envelop-shaped icon. For free use any of this ways suggests to upgrade to Unlimited, for you both should work. It's up to you if you want to continue reporting bugs and mistakes or not, personally I gave up on it long before it became a paid feature.

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    Thanks dev_temp and Raul for your replies. (I had forgotten I asked this question...)

    I already have Lingvist Unlimited, but are you saying that there isn't, at the moment, a dedicated method for this? Should I keep emailing about bugs and possible mistakes? I'm mostly using the Android app.

  • Apparently, the ability to send your questions and bug reports to Lingvist directly is a premium feature now. I wonder if it also means they are going to start responding to those direct inquiries at some point. Otherwise you are stuck with community-driven support on this forum that is free of charge for the moment.

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