Are new accounts also affected by the 50 new words limit?

  • I was just about to recommend Lingvist to a friend but when I saw the new "new words limit" it made me reluctant. A new learner should do as many new words as he can, it's Lingvist's own advice.

  • New accounts are on trial for 48h for "Lingvist unlimited". That is what I had seen for my own account starting January.

    I would not expect that a new user, learning a bew language from scratch, is really able to go much higher than 20-50 words / day.

    See my Lingvist 2017 challenge and my own 11 days statistic.

    To be able to learn 100-150 I had to invist 2-3h per day for some days and push the cards to >=1000 limit.

    If a user is already intermediate in a language, well yes, this is something else and Carlos, who took part in my end of 2017 challenge proved that he could go >300 words on a day.

    But let's wait what the offical Lingvist staff tells you...

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