When will new words be added to the Spanish course? (past 3875)

I want to subscribe to the Unlimited version, but I want to wait until there are some new words added!


Thanks for sharing your questions with the Lingvist community!

As stated on a post we wrote last month, our English-Spanish course is still in the making. This means we will continue adding lexical units in small batches (the latests one was last month) until we complete the module (5000 units), probably by June 2018.

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Great, thanks. I'm going to subscribe once the next small batch is released.

We will keep you posted! Keep an eye on the forum! ;-)

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@eli-reyna I just finished the Spanish course last night, and it had 3,935 words according to the little congratulation message at the end.

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We're still working on it. Keep an eye on the forum! ;-)

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