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  • Hi,

    I downloaded the mobile app and reached 50 new words which is the limit if you are a free user. Fine, no more new words for today. However, I should be able to review already learned words still according to the app. Unfortunately, when I tap "continue learning" I get a message that tells me I reached the 50 new word limit and gives me the option to either remain a free user or upgrade. When I choose to remain a free user, I go back to the main screen and cannot review words. When I restart the app entirely, I can review one word, and then this happens again and I can no longer review words. Is this a bug or is there another way I can review words in my app?

    Thank you

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. I just realized there is a bugs section in this forum where the exact same thing is described by some other people. The app says I have about 20+ words to practice

  • Lingvist doesn't serve new words till your repeat stack is empty. If you were able to get 50 new word it basically means there is nothing to repeat at the moment. Just wait awhile and you be able to practice couple of words. Cramming through the same words over and over with no interruptions might be effective, but inefficient approach. Give your memory time to digest the words you've just swallowed. Having spaces between repetitions is the part of the idea.

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