Lingvist is too hollow for monetization

  • Congratulations !!! by attempting to monetize this program, you have succeeded in making it useless.

    Aside from the grammar lessons, there are plenty of free language learning apps that do many things better than lingvist. lingvist has vocab building by context and not much else. I don't understand how you plan to maintain the same amount of users considering all of the other free options.

  • apfelsaft gern

  • I do think they needed to have done some more testing before releasing the paid model the way they did.

    I don't mind the idea of paying for the program- if I stop having the issues I'm having on the free, I'll probably be purchasing a year's subscription. But right now? Right now the issues on the free subscription mean I don't trust putting money into the site. It's been what... two weeks? And people are still unable to practice once they've hit their limit of new words- despite being told they could always practice as much as they want. It's been that long and people are still being told they've graduated after having learned.. 300 words because the system doesn't know what to do.

    I'm trying to stay hopeful that they'll fix the big issues before I hit the 3000 free words- because if not? I'll probably tell myself I'll keep checking back for when they do fix it and end up giving up on the site soon after.

  • @david-sallette while useless is a bit harsh, I hope this doesnt hamper the lingvist experience for ya. The only valid reason for sticking around I can think of is because it works. I'm retaining more of the language. Its early days for me but I am able to carry on small conversations in French. I sound horrible and I never use the right version of the verb but a super patient French person can communicate with me. I cant watch Amelie without subtitles but they are French subtitles. I couldnt do that a month ago. There are pay versions of all the good language apps. Lingvist is no different. Unless you know about some I dont know. (wink wink nudge nudge)

  • How is life using a free forever business model working for you David? TO be blunt I think you're just being cheap in this situation.

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