cannot complete "words to practice" as a free user

  • Hi,

    I am not a premium user and i understand the limitation as Lingvist puts it on the website. But I could not even complete "words to practice" because right after finish learning 50 new words Lingvist would not continue reviewing the words that are learnt already, and keep prompting me that i cannot learn new words because i have reached the limit of 50 new words.

    Can Lingvist simply keep reviewing the "old" words when the limit is reached?

    in the website it clearly states that: free users are limited to "50 new words per day, but review as many as you need" , but the current user experience is different.


  • works@Lingvist

    I will explain how we handle word limits. It is by design, if you have completed 50 new words and have zero words queueing for a review, you won’t be able to proceed with your learning unless more reviews accumulate. To check the review words number, you should go to Today/Progress.

    If you still have pending reviews and it's blocked from your learning please let us know about it by sending a report to

    We understand that some learners may not be able to reach 100-cards milestone, depending on your variables with new/repeat words, and at the moment we're reworking the idea of personal goals. Stay tuned!

  • I am not using the android app and I am blocked after the 50 new wordslimit. today I managed 60 cards, but as yet therehas only been 3 really new words for me. On the start up test I had problems because I pressed the return key after several of the words and it recorded the next answer as unknown, at present it records 2542 words learnt. Am presently using free. Do not want to subscribe until words unknown to me appear. Ok my spelling is not perfect hence I have had a few to repeat or I knew a different word which would suffice,Hope the bug is fixed soon so I can at least learn to perfect my spelling of repeat words. despite this I want to thank you for a great learning tool.

  • Lingvist graduate

    this is a "known" problem on the android app. if this pertains to you, you can just continue on the website, which looks and feels nearly identical anyway.

  • Actually it's allready better. I could do almost 80 instead of 60 cards because the words become more difficult. Soms it is possible once the level is difficult enough.

  • I have the same 'issue' but it seems it is by design (it just shows a wrong number of words to practise or needs to sync yet or something what makes a small difference). In the webversion I can see there are no words to practice, but the Android Apps shows I have some words. There is a difference between the both, sometimes I can practisse I few words in the webversion and not in the Android version.

    They say you can review as many as you need, but if this ammount I seem to need is under 50 cards I can never reach the goal of 100 cards a day. This morning I had 50 new word cards and 10 repeatcards, so I can do 60 cards max. Yesterday I could do 65 cards during the whole day, the day before that 88. I never reached the goal of 100 cards, because the maximum new words were reached and there was no need for reviewing more words. Or does this change? That in a week or something of use I have a lot more words to review?

  • I am having the same issue, which is very aggravating. I have apparently learned 50 new words for the day & got locked out of the flashcards.

    According to the free v. paid subscription details, we should be allowed to continue reviewing as free users ("Limited to 50 new words per day, but review as many as you need").

    Either this misleading statement should be taken out, or the bug that prevents us from reviewing old words should be fixed.

    I hope someone from lingvist sees @Justin-Huang 's post soon and corrects the error. The app really loses its usefulness & appeal if I'm not allowed to even practice Spanish. . .

  • @Justin-Huang

    Hi Justin,

    please upload a screenshot of your Progress / today practice stack.
    I always see differences between the left hub and orange practice words vs progress / today statistics (it takes time that the left hub panel re-syncronizes).

    No, Lingvist can't show you "old" cards for those learned new cards, IF those words to not meet their SR due and "re-learning (error repetition)" requirements.

    So if your repeat / practice stack is almost 0 (no one knows why sometimes the system throws out new cards when the count is 10-15 or more), you have to wait a bit.

    On Memrise the intervals are 4-12 hours.

    When I came back from a 45-90 minute break at least 60 words had been refilled...

    If you answer questions for NEW words wrong, there will be another (annoying 3-5 or probably even 7 times, I was not counting) "repeat" algorithm for those questions answered incorrectly.
    These intervals seem to be tuned for short-repetitions to make my brain explode.

    Unfortunately all repetitions, either in minutes and hours and also the error repetition counts are very intransparent compared to other software.

    However, I think there might be another bug in the current "Lingvist free" system starting 2018 that once you hit the 50 words limitation, that old (due) words can not be reviewed, as announcing in their newsletters and pricing matrix.

    It will take some time to fix the known bugs for their development time.
    We just need to be patient....
    I am sure they are working already on it.

    A screenshot might help them to understand and replicate, what is going on on your site.

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