Again Lingvist won´t let me practice my learned words.

  • This happened last week too, and was supposed to be resolved

    You have reached your daily limit
    Lingvist Free users can access only 50 new words per day.

    To access more new words, along with lots of other great benefits, please upgrade to Lingvist Unlimited.

    even after pressing "stay with free" the same advertisement for unlimited comes up.. this is really turning me off lingvist...

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey guys, sorry, it’s our mistake. We’ve replicated and logged the issue. It is in our backlog with a high priority mark.

  • Hey,
    it's the same here.
    Once I reached the 50 new words level I can't go ahead learning and repeating old words.
    I really would appreciate an upgrade, so I can achieve my 100 card per day goal.
    Cheers, Janet

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