How can I review words I've only seen once?

  • I've just completed the French course - yay! But I will continue to do more review. When I first started, I frequently guessed at words (or was able to conjugate verbs correctly) and got quite a lot correct. Then I never saw those words again and there are a ton of words in my vocabulary list that have only been shown once. I eventually wised-up and stopped ever answering something correct on the first showing. Is there a way to set things so that I will see those earlier words again?

  • @karen-klassen


    • Memrise e.g shows you transparently, when words from a specific course level are next to be reviewed (may it be 4h, 12h, 1d, 6days,....90days,....180days).
    • Memrise supports over-watering (in 100 words review sessions, words random mixed from all course levels)
    • DuoLingo supports manual reviews of each skill in your tree

    Lingvist is the other side of the medale.

    The Lingvist company seems to LOVE to hide EVERYTHING about their SRS algorithm, every little detail 😞

    Additionally: Every basic (or extended) feature is non-existent.

    The "Vocabularly view":
    As it is right now (including quite (too) small paging on the web vs better Android app scrolling) it can not be quite useful with every little detail missing.
    I definitely do NOT miss it in "Lingvist Free".
    It alone does NOT help me to know which words I have repeated 38 times (or 1 time).

    I can surely tell you Karen:

    You could do it in AnkiSRS (and probably SuperMemo, where commercial card decks are available):

    • to browser through your deck
    • see schedule informations
    • install ton's of community addons
    • re-schedule cards in the Anki Windows application browser (not web browser)
    • create "filtered decks", where you can manage to either bulk (cram) learn NEW cards.....or review cards according to specific criteria.

    I am 50% sure (I am not a Anki power user or yet highly skilled, just started to read into the available manual informations and forum threads) that you could probably manage to give a search criteria to order / find those cards even the SR interval is not reached for your "words seen 1 time".

    I highly would want to suggest that you search for a good 5000 words or 10,000-15,000 sentences (cloze deletion) Anki deck and see what cards are unknown to you or known (you could either schedule for longer e.g 90 / 180 days intervals with an addon or completely SUSPEND known cards = Memrise Ignore).

    What you all users request from the Lingvist developers basically is to re-implement the core (or extended) functionality of a (good) SR program.

    See more in my other posting:


    Please move your thread (or an moderator hopefully does it) from the "English Studio" to the "Suggestion Box".
    It is a feature / change request and has nothing to do with English.
    Lingvist developers could implement your request by e.g extending the vocabulary view where you can select multiple words, right click and hit "Review".

    To do this within the web browser (and not Android app), the paging would have to be re-written from scratch.
    A learner needs to have a 100/200/all paging!!! 10/15/25 is ridiculous!


    One single page with ALL words.
    Extended informations + review of weak/difficult/selective words missing is - of course - missing.

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