Bug with number of words to revise.

  • Ever since I upgraded from free to Premium (about 2 weeks ago), my number of words to revise has never gone above 14 and doesn't change as i'm revising, despite most days having to do around 80 words before getting new ones. I like having a countdown so that I know where I am and how much I have to do, without it i'm left guessing. Fix please guys!

  • @ian yeah, I just pay for the training today. And the bug appeared. So disappoint.

  • Se me hace cansado y aburrido estar solamente con las tarjetas de vocabulario- Me gustaría también tener otras actividades diarias y otros desafíos, como lo son lectura, hablar, pronunciación dentro de los desafíos diarios para poder hacer las clases más amenas e interesantes. Pues créanme que el curso se me está haciendo muy aburrido y estoy a punto de dejarlo. No sé si esto sea posible.

  • My counter has been stuck at value 0 for longer than a month. Devs have acknowledged this 3 weeks ago but the problem persists.

  • This bug, and others like it, are quite prevalent.

    This is especially true around midnight local time for me until the counters reset properly.

    Send an email to the devs - the more people they have reporting it, the better chance they’ll have at tracking it down.

  • @Ian as a paying customer, you have a privilege contacting Lingivst directly from your account. In theory, that has higher chances to drove their attention to the issue.

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