Sentences got blocked by the unlimited upgrade message

    The translated sentences on my Linvist learning page have been blocked by this upgrade message since a few days ago.
    At first, I thought it would just disappear after the free trial is over, but it remains blocked as the picture shows.

    I am still considering whether to become an unlimited user but this has become such an annoyance when using Linvist services. Does anyone got the same problem and is managed to fix it?

  • @MerryC This is clearly a NEW bug.

    This trial message should NOT popup anymore, once the 48 hours counted down to 0 (it was there once beginning of January (first days) but COMPLETELY disappeared for my account).
    You trial is "overdue" with -2hours.

    It probably it just a minor code thing which should be easy to fix for their developer team.

    There should be a different message for your free account (it is for mine) at the top with a big "X" on the right side:

    "Start enjoying all the benefits of Lingvist has to offer"! Press here and upgrade to Lingvist Unlimited".

    I simply hit the "X" and the message will disappear for my "Lingvist free" account.

  • The sentences showed up again after I zoomed out to 90%. Thanks!
    But Still wish that Linvist can put the message somewhere else or at least make it smaller.

  • @MerryC are you sure they overlap? Looks like there is a plenty of space. Have you tried to to hide the translation end bring it up again? Also, it looks like you have zoomed the page, does zooming out helps?

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