Incorrect hint for a card.

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    In the sentence translated as 'somehow I don't have your number' the missing word is 'your' вашего but the hint doesn't specify it needs to be plural. It just says 'your'. In the sentence card there's also the singular neutral symbol instead of plural. I hope the card gets fixed as I always try singular first.

  • Hi @dev_temp and @chirelcat

    Thanks for the comment! I've added a hint now 🙂

    Happy learning with Lingvist!

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    @dev_temp said in Incorrect hint for a card.:


    True, I struggled formulating my message, but that was what I meant. The hint is insufficient so both answers should be accepted or a more detail hint is needed. I'd also like to see more detailed hints for most of the movement verbs. 'Come' alone just isn't enough 😄

  • "вашего" also could be used as a polite form in case if you are talking to a stranger, someone with a higher rank, elderly people or just want to show your respect even if you are referring to a single person. It's incorrect to say there should be indication of a plural, but for sure there should be some kind of hint about a polite form.

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