How to take the initial test again

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    I'm really waiting for this feature myself, @Walker-Moore! Our devs are passionate and dedicated. Things that take time are complex tasks and sometimes they themselves can't work on solving the riddles that they really want to solve because of priority battles. At the moment, while we all are waiting for the progress reset feature, we can reset your accounts manually. I'll be the first one to shout all over this thread about the feature when it's ready, uncorking the virtual champagne. 🍾 I'm already savouring the moment.

  • When I say "It would be so trivial to implement," I (from the perspective of a developer) mean this: From a technical perspective, it would be (or at least should be, with well-thought-out database tables) be trivial to reset a user's progress to zero. Every other online learning service I can think of implements such basic functionality (from Duolingo and Memrise all the way up to so-called online universities) and provided the user understands the consequences, I don't see why it has to be such a big deal. It's a common function elsewhere for a reason.

    But, hey. I know nothing. Oh well.

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    It has been requested. No ideological differences, but practical debates how to implement this feature.

    When our developers hear you say: "It would be so trivial to implement"

    You know nothing

    Jokes aside, for now, we can manually reset your accounts, which will offer an opportunity to retake the test. Achtung! Resetting accounts will wipe out learning history across all added language pairs.

  • This feature has been so heavily requested for so long that I can only imagine someone behind the scenes at Lingvist has an ideological problem with the concept. It would be so trivial to implement but here we are in July 2017 and it's still not possible.

  • The desire for this feature is a symptom of a deeper problem: the accuracy is really bad!
    Initially your test estimated I know 60 words. I tried again on a new email and it estimated 300. Both are far too low, especially if you're counting multiple verb forms, as such estimates often do.

    For reference, I took two years of high school Spanish, am level 19 on Duolingo, and it gives me a count of 2000 "known" words. When they had the Immersion feature, I could read large portions of articles in the Spanish-English direction. Sure, maybe I don't have strong recall of all 2000 of those words, but IMO your test has to be way off.

    Using a different email is a really bad solution. I don't want to have to guess what email I used for this 2 or 3 years down the line. No thanks.

    I specifically left Duolingo to try out this app because I felt Duo wasn't challenging enough. I'm not willing to grind boring material forever.

  • I was also placed as a beginner because my thumb slipped while on mobile. Wish I hadn't grinded through 200 more words before logging on here.

  • @goodbyemrevans-lingvist said in How to take the initial test again:

    My sense is that words that we skip in the placement test should eventually be presented to us, not as 'new' words but as 'potentially new' words. If we get them on the first try, lingvist assumes we already know them, but if not it gets added to our repeat stack.

    This is exactly what's needed IMO

  • FWIW, I would love to be able to retake the initial assessment. I made a couple spelling mistakes on the Spanish and placed at under 300 words, even though my Spanish is about the same as my French, where I scored well over 4000.

  • I seem to have gotten to the end of the stock of German vocabulary, and find myself wondering what words I missed. The placement test estimated my level based on only a few words. Now I have to decide whether I should start a new account and intentionally underplace myself in the test so as to get to all the vocabulary, or wait for new vocabulary to be added, or just give up.

    My sense is that words that we skip in the placement test should eventually be presented to us, not as 'new' words but as 'potentially new' words. If we get them on the first try, lingvist assumes we already know them, but if not it gets added to our repeat stack. This would allow learners of every level to encounter, and, if necessary, learn, the entire word list offered by lingvist, rather than just the portion lingvist estimates them not to already know.

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    Thanks, guys. I'll pin this thread in the FAQ to give it more attention. @maksim, @lcmnovotny, @ha14380, @alexbee, @writerlaury your comments help us understand the scope of the challenge. Does anyone except for @alexbee feel your learning is obstructed?

  • The same was happened to me. I am pretty sure to know more than 133 words of Russian

  • I can't understand how the test works.

    I took a German test and was placed at only 100 words for some reason despite only making 1 mistake on the test.

    Now I'm bogged down in words like thanks or days of the week and find there's no way to redo it. Think I'll give this a wide berth!

  • The Spanish placement test in my account never seems to end? I'm past 1200 words tested. I also am learning French if it might be somehow related.

    Thanks a lot...!

  • I had the same problem with spanish. I lived in Ecuador and Mexico, I have an advanced spanish level and searched the website to enrich my vocabulary. I think it was a matter of synonyms, but I ended up with only 98 words! It would be nice to be able to retake the test, since I'm doing other languages in the website. tks for your attention

  • @Marina In the initial test for the Russian course, I was put on around 2000 words. The new words I was shown were mostly unknown to me, suggesting I had been placed at (or above) my level. I finished the course quickly, having studied around 600 words, and now just have a low number of reviews to do. I have considered re-starting because I may benefit from studying some of the 2000 words I skipped. Ideally, I think the program should offer the opportunity to study skipped cards (in reverse order of difficulty), without re-starting the course completely. (or necessarily even re-testing). On the other hand, if the Russian course were bigger, I might never have wanted to do this.

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    @Emily, @Nancy-Mihalich, the only way to take the test again at the moment is to register a new account and redo the first 12 cards. @Emily, in your case you have multiple courses already added to your account, which makes it more complex. I would suggest registering a new account and retaking the level placement test in both languages. Once all is done, let us know the old account's name, so we could have it deleted.

    I would also encourage all learners who find this feature important to +1 in this thread, so we could understand the scope.

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    @Marina-Shutova No, I'm actively using your French course only as of now.

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    @Nancy-Mihalich, @Emily, quick check before we find a solution for you - are you learning more than one language with us at the moment?

  • I'm curious about the answer to this question, too. I would like to advance faster rather than filling in words that I already know, too!

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