How to take the initial test again

  • I had the same problem with spanish. I lived in Ecuador and Mexico, I have an advanced spanish level and searched the website to enrich my vocabulary. I think it was a matter of synonyms, but I ended up with only 98 words! It would be nice to be able to retake the test, since I'm doing other languages in the website. tks for your attention

  • @Marina In the initial test for the Russian course, I was put on around 2000 words. The new words I was shown were mostly unknown to me, suggesting I had been placed at (or above) my level. I finished the course quickly, having studied around 600 words, and now just have a low number of reviews to do. I have considered re-starting because I may benefit from studying some of the 2000 words I skipped. Ideally, I think the program should offer the opportunity to study skipped cards (in reverse order of difficulty), without re-starting the course completely. (or necessarily even re-testing). On the other hand, if the Russian course were bigger, I might never have wanted to do this.

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    @Emily, @Nancy-Mihalich, the only way to take the test again at the moment is to register a new account and redo the first 12 cards. @Emily, in your case you have multiple courses already added to your account, which makes it more complex. I would suggest registering a new account and retaking the level placement test in both languages. Once all is done, let us know the old account's name, so we could have it deleted.

    I would also encourage all learners who find this feature important to +1 in this thread, so we could understand the scope.

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    @Marina-Shutova No, I'm actively using your French course only as of now.

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    @Nancy-Mihalich, @Emily, quick check before we find a solution for you - are you learning more than one language with us at the moment?

  • I'm curious about the answer to this question, too. I would like to advance faster rather than filling in words that I already know, too!

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