I have been transferred from Unlimited to Free

  • I have been using Lingvist Unlimited since early January until today when I had a message stating my trial period would end in 30 minutes. After the allotted time I was transferred to Lingvist Free.

    Also, my repeat stack went from just under 50 the day before yesterday to over 2400 yesterday.

    The username in my profile changed (I've changed it back again now) - am I doing something wrong?!

    Could you help restore my account to Unlimited please.

    Many thanks

  • works@Lingvist

    Thanks for asking, Suzanne, it's a rather common confusion and it's useful that you posted it here!

  • Whoops, humble apologies Marina, it is indeed a signing in error!

    Once signed in on the 'proper' account, all is fine.

    Apologies once again.

  • Thanks Marina, will do.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Suzanne,

    It sounds like a signing-in confusion, most likely. Drop us an email to hello@lingvist.io with a payment confirmation for the initially purchased Lingvist Unlimited, and a screenshot of the Account/Profile and we will troubleshoot your case. Thanks for bringing it up.

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