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  • On the occasions, when I have completed repeat stack, learned some new words, and I know I'll have to leave in several minutes, I wish the Lingvist would stop throwing me the new words and start repeating the latest errors or just-learned words.

    Can you make such button, please?

  • In general, there is no difference if you keep learning or making a pause, if some word is scheduled to be repeated in X minutes, you'll see it in X minutes. If there are no words scheduled to be repeated at the moment, Lingivst will feed you some new words in the meantime. If the intervals are too long it reduces the retention and that is probably what you are afraid of, but repeating too often is also not good. Your brain needs some time to soak the information in and to make a transition for short-term to long term memory.

    At the moment, there is no way for you, as a user, to influence Lingivst's scheduling intervals, also there is no way to tweak your daily goals, all you can do is to trust Lingivst's proprietary, alien-inspired and AI-powered algorithm 🙂 It is promised it'll adjust itself to you learning and memorization patterns, so no manual control needed (that's why you have none). I don't see those claims to be changed any time soon. You might consider switching activities, like doing a short challenge or doing some grammar at those times, so you wouldn't feel like wasting your time and still learning some aspect of a target language.

  • It often happens, that when I pause the learning for few minutes, Lingvist starts repeating. But without the pause, it keeps giving new words. Knowing how limited my time is, and how unrealistic dream it usually is to return once I have closed the program, I'd really appreciate a trick to get it repeating sooner. Could this be achieved by tweaking daily goals?

    PS I learn German, using English. I'm native Estonian, located mainly in Tartu.

  • In general, you would want to repeat words only when it's time, you shouldn't want to repeat words ahead of schedule as is counterproductive. I can't speak for Lingvist, but from where I stand it seems very unlikely that they will give you such tool to override their algorithm. If you don't have time to learn new words it's better for you just stop your current session. The words, that you are like to forget will come back to you during your next session.

    P.S. just curious, what language do you learn? Before the NY there were numerous reports about inability to get new words on some courses as the old words kept repeating over and over again due to very short repeat intervals.

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