Similar to the same problem a while ago. Is it caused by the latest iOS update? It's unusable at present. Works ok on my windows laptop, but my laptop is old, unstable and belongs in a bin!

Check your internet connection.

@Emily nothing to do with the internet connection. It's basically the same problem that happened a while ago after an iOS update. Lingvist knew about it and eventually it was solved. That's why I'm assuming this latest problem is a result of last weeks latest iOS update.

@chrisandsue If I press the sound button the word I enter is spoken but not the sentence. Then the sound button greys out so that you continually have to press it just to hear 1 word!

Downloaded Chrome for iPad but makes no difference.

We are aware of the audio issues on IOS 10, when you learn from the browser.

We are working on fixing it.

You can continue learning on our IOS app, where this issue does not happen.

Link to appstore:

Hi Raul, I'm using the iOS app and it definitely doesn't work.

We deployed yesterday one audio related fix to public which is supposed to fix multiple audio playback issues.

The issues mainly affected IOS 10 users.

Can you check today if you have had any improvements?

If not, then we will go back to drawing board to figure out the cause for your issue.

@Raul-Liive I've been having audio problems in desktop Safari. Part way through a session, after e.g. 30 cards, the audio stops. This has happened with both French an Russian in the last few days

@maksim Mac Chrome seems fine so it must be a safari problem

We identified one audio playback issue on the newly released code.

It seems that 1 card out of 10-20 does not play audio on Windows Chrome and possibly also on Safari, we haven't managed to reproduce it ourselves on Safari, but have seen few reports from users.

It seems to work fine on Firefox and Edge.

We are working on fixing the issue.

@Raul-Liive-lv I tried Mac Safari again, and the problem I described above is still there - complete shutdown of audio. Strangely, the TTS voice switches to another (French) male voice sometimes and then soon afterwards, all audio stops. I haven't tried other languages yet.

We are aware that there are stills some remaining audio issues.

We are working on resolving them.

@Raul Liive

Since your latest updates, when I type in the correct word there is no sound and no sound button. But when I return to a previous correct answer there is a sound button and the whole line is spoken. It's just not usable at all.

Thank you for raising this.

Can you post here a screenshot of the sound button missing screen.

I tested the web app on an iPad, but the button was there for me.

NB! I suggest to learn using our iPad native app instead of a web app.


The example with the missing word has no sound button. When you fill it in correctly the next question appears and so you have to scroll back, press the sound button and only then is the sentence spoken.

I'm using the iPad app.

Thanks, your latest update has at last restored the sound. What happens when the next iOS update arrives though?.....

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Great to hear that your issue has been fixed.

We are checking over what was causing your issue to figure out what we can do to avoid such issues in the future.

@maksim same thing happens to me, German for English speakers course. Safari, Mac.


Yep still happening.

It's impossible to predict as it will work, switch app for 10 minutes and it's gone.

Hopefully they'll fix it but I seriously hope they think about more full offline versions, would save so much trouble.

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