Hints for pronouns and motion verbs

  • Lingvist graduate

    Is it possible to have clearer hints for pronouns and motion verbs? I feel I'm stuck in a loop of каждый/всякий (and some other pronouns) and different motion verbs with the same hint but different nuances.
    It's not very motivating to memorize the sentences, I'd like it more if I was able to use Lingvist as a tool for learning when to use each of these words instead of just randomly guessing. It feels strange that no fixed hint is provided but the hints themselves change from word form to word form (depending on what the word means in each sentence). From a learner's point of view it's easier to remember one hint per word and understand that context affects meaning than try to make sense of a complete chaos.

  • Hi @chirelcat

    Thanks for the comment! True, it is difficult to understand the motion verbs without additional hints. We are currently looking into possibilities of showing this information on the card. Hopefully there will be updates in coming month, but I can't promise anything.

    Happy learning!

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