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    I am aware that this has been suggested before however that was almost a year ago and I haven't seen anything further on it.

    I really struggle staying motivated with language learning and one thing that helps to keep me so is streaks. I recently switched from Memrise to Lingvist as I preferred the style of teaching however have struggled to practice every day due to the lack of this feature.

    Whilst they are of course meaningless it does help you to pressure yourself to keep at it. And I would be really grateful if this was added.


  • Thank you for your opinions, I agree that loosing a streak is a de-motivating thing however it is the fear of that loss that drives you. I am not suggesting this as a feature for everybody but one that people can disable if it does not fit with their lifestyle or mentality.

    Personally I regularly miss days regularly on this platform however on Memrise I went for many months without missing a single day. Unfortunately I sometimes just don't have the passion for the subject so need some negative reinforcement to continue on.

    I really beg that this feature be added to help the mentally weak such as myself 🙂

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    Well, the problem I’m having with streaks is that they do motivate me as long as they’re running, but whenever I lose one of them, all my motivation is blown away.
    This is particularly frustrating if the situation isn’t really your fault like you having no access to internet or you work at 00:05 in the morning. Because of that I prefer that there are no streaks at all.

  • I agree that motivation should be preferred over self-control and discipline if possible. From my personal experience I tend to believe in ego depletion effect, so I would prefer having fun and gaining the same results over draining the pool of a willpower. Streaks on Duo keep forcing me to maintain at least minimal language-learning activity every day, so I think they work thus are not stupid or useless.

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    Streaks are stupid and add really no benefit.

    I wouldn't make that statement that sweepingly. Not everybody is wired the same. While a streak may have no benefit to you or to the author of the article you linked, streaks are valuable motivational tools for other people. I personally found streaks a very valuable tool to keep at my daily learning routines.

    You might compare that to learning methods, where different methods work for different people. I for one like to build a solid foundation, to get one topic really down before I move to the next. I don't like to juggle multiple topics that I'm only half sure-footed in at the same time. But others are easily frustrated by sticking to one topic for a prolonged time. Same goes for learning by reading vs. learning by listing, and many other topics.

    Additionally, we're talking about different time frames here. The reasons why you started to learn a language is an important motivational factor in the long run for sure. But for the short range, day-to-day motivation, a streak can help a lot. Often the thought of loosing a long streak on a platform gave me the proverbial kick in the butt not to give in to my weaker self and and not postpone today's learning session to tomorrow.

  • Streaks are stupid and add really no benefit. If you want to find motivation, then look into why you're learning the language like: culture, the sounds, want to visit the country, partner, etc.

    I know, this was part of a meme, but it still applies to this day.

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