German gets an upgrade... or two

Hello Forum-Community! 🙋

I have two exciting things to say:


  • We have one brand new German module out, teaching you the most important words and phrases around ⚽️FOOTBALL⚽️. Germans and Austrians obviously love this sport and talk about it quite a bit.

...Monday mornings in the office if there was a big game, before the World Cup, during Bundesliga, in the midst of Champions league season … you get the point. ;)
So check it out - it’s a pretty short but intense course (180 cards to play through).

We also added some of the most famous players from every nationality represented at Lingvist. Those of you that have been with us longer (@dev_temp @Kyle and many others) feel free to take guesses which player represents which employee as far as their nationality is concerned.


  • Our general German course is finally getting an extension. 2 steps here: - The module will be increased from 4000 to 5000 forms in the next few weeks.
    -Then it will take another leap … updates on this still to come.

Have a great week! And post reactions to the Football module below! ⬇️

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I’m currently a free user and stuck at 3960 words. How many words are there in total now? Do I have to upgrade in order to learn new words from now on?

In my case, being a paid user, I reached the limit of 3943 words more than a month ago. Unfortunately, so far they haven’t added any new entry. I´d like to know why my limit is lower than yours.

@jpasjim don't be sad, due to highly sophisticated innovative approached that are used in Lingivst's development and testing there is a variance in word count displayed. You should not expect those number to match. If it says you have finished the course on the web and on the phone, then you most likely did 😊

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I'm still waiting for the course to increase to 5k! When will it actually come out? Anyway, I appreciate whatever you devs are doing.

Dear Lingvist, when will the announced German extension be available? The sooner would be the better! Thanks

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