Sketchy Business Practice by Lingvist

  • I was a paying monthly subscriber, however when I decided that I couldn't justify spending $23 a month on Lingvist I decided to cancel my subscription... Only the app conveniently has NO feature to cancel your subscription, and on the web browser version, the "Cancel Subscription" option very conveniently says "Technical Difficulties" and does not cancel anything. Better yet, clicking "Re-try" to cancel your subscription links you to a page that asks you if you want to PAY MORE MONEY for another product instead of canceling. I had recommended Lingvist to a number of friends, but after seeing this suspicious behavior of being unable to unsubscribe, I'm a bit worried about this company's ethics.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey, I checked your account and since you have purchased through Google Play Store, please try again using this link. It should be working from the app, but perhaps a temporary error occurred during the Play Store/Lingvist communication. I will have it checked by our bug review team. Let me know if all is successful.

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