Initial test reset?

  • resetting the initial test.
    is it possible to rest the initial test as there are not many new words appearing. it took me a while to get how the programme worked and by that stage it was the end of the test,. think my vocba is in the 4000's rather than approaching 3000 thanks

  • works@Lingvist

    The issue is back on the table and is under discussion at the moment; hope to be able to share an update later on. I will let you know as soon as possible.

  • It seems little point resetting if free users are limited to 3000 words , and I am at that lmit hardly finding any really new words, there is no incentive to subscribe if the words proposed will also not be new to me. On memrise already it is 7000 words. Had not read that free users have a word limit. what happens when a free user reaches the limit?

  • @Su-Carey indeed creating a new account is the simplest way, alternatively you can contact Lingivst as described here. Keep in mind that free users are limited to 3000 words. If you are a paying user, you might try contacting Lingvist though 1:1 support from the help menu in your account, that's supposed to be the fastest way.

  • I think they'll ask you to create another account to reset your progress. idk if there another way

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