Distasteful definition of the word "Avaler" (French (from English) course)

  • Hi,

    I've enjoyed using your app and have the found extra information useful. However, I found an odd description the French (from English) course and would like know why.

    I encountered the word "avale" (imperative, sing. 2nd person), for which in the "More meanings" the APP specifically added the meaning as "she swallows" (present, sing. 3rd person). This definition uses "she" instead of using the word "he" as you do everywhere else in the APP.

    The sentence was not even sexual and did not refer to a woman, it's "Avale ces pilules !" (Swallow these pills!)

    My immediately thought is that this is too deliberate to be dismissed as a mistake, and can only be interpreted as an distasteful joke. Unless Lingvist has other explanations for why only a "she" would swallow.

    If there is no reason, just an oversight, then I'd also like to suggest: why not change back to the "he swallows"? Or if you must use she swallows, or perhaps explain that "she swallows, a reference to oral sex, and specifically by a woman),

  • Thanks for pointing that out and responding.
    I'm glad that it wasn't joke and that you will add further specification to the translation.

  • works@Lingvist



    For verbs of the 1st conjugation group (the infinitive ends in -er: parler, trouver, avaler, etc.), the form is exactly the same for je, il, elle, on and the singular imperative. To bring users' attention to this information, I put it in the 'More meanings' section. For example, if the card is about je, I normally use il, elle or on, and the imperative (tu) in the 'More meanings' section. The choice between il, elle and on is random. You are mistaken when you say that usually we use il there. Not long before the card avale you saw the card frappe, where the situation is exactly the same: the imperative on the active card is Frappe à la porte ! and the 3rd person singular is with she in 'More meanings' – she knocks.

    I will add further specification to the translation that is bothering you, but please rest assured that this was in no way a joke, just a random choice.

    Have a nice week!

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