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Hi Rig. I was going to write a longer post about this, but I might as well start writing it while I answer to you. 'Risque' and 'Risques' are two different words, but they share the same lemma. The same thing happens with verbs: 'vais', 'vas', 'va', 'allons', 'allez' , 'vont' ... are all different words with the same lemma: 'aller'.

I have literally been playing with words lately (text mining software--Rapidminer + Rosette: links below if you are interested). I downloaded all the French words taught in Lingvist. It was a total of 4795 at the time. I did the analysis. I fed them to the lemmatizer provided by Rosette and I got 3434 different lemmas. The ratio is 1.4. Some place else I had read that the typical ratio is 1.6, so Lingvist is giving us more words.

I'm attaching the spreadsheet in case you are curious. It has two tabs: WordLingvist (the 4795 words found in Lingvist) and LemmasLingvist (the 3434 Lemmas found by Rosette).

Link to Spreadsheet ( I tried to upload the file as an attachment to this message but it says I don't have this privilege):
[](link url)

Software used:

[](link url)
[](link url)

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I want to add my name to Christian's . This is a fantastic site. I've always loved French. I love Lingvist because of that. Thanks to all the people behind this project.

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Sorry Kart. I underreported the number of words for the second email.

For carlos.quintanilla@ ... it was 4779
For carlosquintanillaa@ ... it was 4809

So it's only a 30-word difference.

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First I answer your question: Where do I want to go? One day, I want to read French the way I read English today (not my native language). I'm getting pretty good at it.

Second: Thanks for the suggestion about Italki and Verbling. I was recently considering Verbling. I would love to spend 2-3 hours every week chatting, but I'm horrified to get started. Will I be able to fill an hour of "conversation" with my rather limited French?

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Fantasticas noticias Javier. Espero ansioso la ampliacion del curso de Frances o por lo menos que se nos permita seguir repasando un numero arbitrario de palabras al dia (no limitado por el algoritmo principal que funciona muy bien antes de llegar al maximo).

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@antonywu2012 I think they are working on it Antony. I have made the same request earlier in the French course. Give them time.

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@yves157 I reached a maximum of 4809 using one email and 4717 with another. It varies. No idea why.

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Thanks Javier. I'm not trying to be difficult, but Lingvist is a software based on frequency/stats. Let's take as an example the use of "vosotros" vs "ustedes". 46 million people (Spain's population) use "vosotros" and 600 million people use "ustedes". Which one is "vernacular" to you?

I speak Spanish. I'm here in Lingvist learning French. I love it. But this is something your users are asking you. Many people want to come to Latin America. They are not asking you for Mexican Spanish or Chilean Spanish. I have no problem understanding any of those 600 million Latin Americans. Sometimes, when I'm watching a movie from Spain, I turn on the subtitles!!

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"why we have chosen Standard/Neutral Spanish"

What is the standard/neutral spanish?

Is the standard/neutral English the British English? Is the American English a dialect?

Ja, ja, ja. Wow. That sounds so condescending.