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@Vladimir-A-Shekhovtsov Lingvist is trying to follow the conception of a learning day that ends at 3 am, which is a great idea in theory, but thanks to the laid-back implementation, not all of the subsystems follow that concept, that leads to all sorts of troubles especially for those switching between web and mobile. There is not a lot you can do accept observing, adjusting and tolerating. Earlier doing a card from a mobile client after midnight used to start a new learning day or make word counter stuck. I guess you have try and see for yourself.

P.S. the idea behind this is that the words you've learned before midnight are still fresh and do not magically settle down after 12 am. Lingivst guys assumed that even if you are a night owl, you would go to bed before 3 am, thus have a break and a new learning day will start just after that.

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If the problem persists even in a private mode there is a high chance that lingvist devs have broken Safari compatibility. I've left my Mac at work, so I can't verify it myself at the moment. As you now have a temporary workaround, we would probably sit and wait for lingvist people to take a look at it sometimes this century.

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Hi @Jamie, it works for me, so it's indeed likely that the problem is on your end. There are a couple of things you could try out, ranging from less to more intrusive:

  • have you tried reloading the page bypassing the cache with OPTION + CMD + R (Safari 11.1)?
  • have you tried to log in from the private mode?
  • is there any other browser installed that you can test with?
  • have you tried clearing cache and cookies for and and then log in again?
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@Andrew-Mandra про привязку к Google Play Services ничего ответить не могу, если, конечно же, используется авторизация через email/пароль, а не через google account. Вы используете актуальную версию Lingvist?

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@Andrew-Mandra преимущественно online 😊 Вы можете продолжать изучение слов до 15-ти минут без подключения к сети в случае потери связи или переподключении, но возможности полноценной работы в offline на данный момент нет.

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@jpasjim don't be sad, due to highly sophisticated innovative approached that are used in Lingivst's development and testing there is a variance in word count displayed. You should not expect those number to match. If it says you have finished the course on the web and on the phone, then you most likely did 😊

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@safwan in order to keep the pieces together it's highly recommended to post this kind of suggestions to the appropriate topic.

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@swalladge I guess your best bet is downloads statistics from Google Play Market. There are third party services that give rough estimate for the Apple Appstore some of them have trial access. Obviously there are people using Lingvist on multiple devices on only the web app. Also, "The platform has enabled over 500,000 people around the world to learn significantly faster." as it's stated here.

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@roy-john said in Any beginner using only Lingvist to learn? Is Lingvist for beginner?:

It seems that words are not sorted according to their usage frequency.

The fun part is that learning by usage frequency is on of the biggest Lingvist selling points. The main problem is the source materials that are used for estimating use frequency. Looks like they are using lots of business oriented sources, that has its implication on the course. More details in this discussion.

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@qiksnare13 you better contact Lingvist via or press letter-shaped icon in app's Help & FAQ menu. That is how you get fast responses as a paying customer.