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The progress did miss altogether on the iOS app but after clearing the stack. I could see the progress increasing tough on my Android device so the progress was not lost, the iOS app just seemed to fail fetch the progress. Now the iOS app works perfectly tough and there is no more such problems.

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Since the latest update the application keeps resetting the card counter every time you shut down the app. Also the daily milestones resets when the app is closed. If I open lingvist on an other platform the progress done on iOS displays and updates correctly, it is only on the iOS app that it does not.

Running on iPad pro iOS 11.0.3

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I am pretty sure that at some point you were able to see all the alternative meanings of a given word already before answering. This would be nice because I have many times already countered words that I knew but not in the particular meaning as it was represented in the current sentence. Ideally you would have multiple sentences for the various meaning.

Before answering there is no "wheel" to bring up the alternative meanings.

The wheel to bring up alternative meanings became visible after answering.

These should be able to be seen prior answering.

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Sometimes in the bottom of the screen a number is displayed instead of the keyboard toggle button. I can't reason what it is meant to be and what makes it to appear on some words.


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