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Hey! Du hast völlig recht - wir sind gerade dabei alle Module gründlich Korrekturlesen zu lassen. Ich weiss für Deutsch > English ist das besonders nötig.
Wir beeilen uns damit und hoffen dann, dass du ein besseres (und richtigeres) Lernerlebnis hast!

Viele Grüße! Lisa

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Hello Forum-Community! 🙋

I have two exciting things to say:


  • We have one brand new German module out, teaching you the most important words and phrases around ⚽️FOOTBALL⚽️. Germans and Austrians obviously love this sport and talk about it quite a bit.

...Monday mornings in the office if there was a big game, before the World Cup, during Bundesliga, in the midst of Champions league season … you get the point. ;)
So check it out - it’s a pretty short but intense course (180 cards to play through).

We also added some of the most famous players from every nationality represented at Lingvist. Those of you that have been with us longer (@dev_temp @Kyle and many others) feel free to take guesses which player represents which employee as far as their nationality is concerned.


  • Our general German course is finally getting an extension. 2 steps here: - The module will be increased from 4000 to 5000 forms in the next few weeks.
    -Then it will take another leap … updates on this still to come.

Have a great week! And post reactions to the Football module below! ⬇️

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Viele mussten wirklich lange warten. Ende Januar ist es nun endlich soweit.


Unser Deutsch- > Englischkurs (bisher 3000 Karten) wird bald über 5000 Karten mit den meistgenutzten Begriffen auf Englisch haben.

Zudem wird auch endlich der Bereich Herausforderungen für Euch Inhalte bereit halten.
Also, ran an die App und jetzt endlich brauchbares Englisch lernen!
0_1514963883428_Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 08.17.31.png

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Hey Don!
Thanks for your post. I very much agree with you. I changed this particular sentence so that it reflects schlecht in the highest frequency sense. We are also looking for a more long-term and wholesome solution to this sense issue.

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Hey guys, this is simply because some of our language pairs have 4000 cards to play through as of right now (German and Spanish for example) while others are 5000+. We are working on extending German and Spanish.

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@michael @j-duquerroix
Yes, we are trying hard to bring those sections back. Check out this post for more info. ;-)

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@Kyle-Goetz @markybooth @Gisberth @Henning-Kockerbeck
Good question!

Let me try to shed some light on this!
Guter Hoffnung sein is sort of a left-over relic from long ago. It is actually in the dative, we used to say In der Hoffnung sein. (In wem oder was? In der Hoffnung. = Dative)
Likewise, we can also say, Guter Dinger sein.
"Ich bin guter Dinge, dass es am Sonntag nicht regnet, wenn wir wandern gehen wollen."

Also, just a side note, Guter Hoffnung seincan also have the meaning to be pregnant (but perhaps not telling yet).

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Hey @kyle-goetz , klar, lass mich mal erklären! ;)
Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchenis one of my favourite sayings! It basically means little by little or slowly but surely . Interesting that you haven't heard of Little by little, the bird builds its nest. If the former is easier to understand, I am happy to change it.

I would use this idiom if I feel like I have to take baby steps to achieve a task / goal. For example:

Es dauert ewig eine Sprachlernapp zu bauen... aber, wie man so schön sagt, mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen. ;-)

Or you might watch your daughter taking her first steps and learning how to walk, continually fallings down and getting back up, and comment to your wife "Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen" . Get my drift?

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Guten Morgen! I added kürzlich as a synonym! Thanks for pointing it out @markybooth :)

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