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Hey, @Henry-Heberle!

First of all, very good observations! It's thrilling to have inquisitive learners yearning for a deeper learning experience. At the moment, the app is built in a way that it doesn't burden you with visualisations of individual words over time. Instead, it stacks all the reviews which are due in a repeat queue, keeping you out of rumination over individual words and their stickiness in your memory. As explained in my earlier post about spaced repetition, the formula calculates the most optimal time for each word's review, based on your learning history.

But I couldn't agree more that graphs are very motivational and viewing one's visualised progress is a great learning aid. We are planning to introduce some cool graphs in 2018, in our paid plans (and I'm passing your suggestion to our designers now!). Hope to see you learning with us by then. Trial versions of Lingvist will be available for all learners who chose to remain on the free plan.

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Hello again, @Henry-Heberle!

This one we can't answer without some extra information :) I assume, it has to do with the Portuguese>Englsih course that you studied for one day on December 3rd.

At first, well-done for fast-tracking to the very end of the course! You seem to be fluent in English and in fact, there might not be much we could teach you (which would explain why most of the words are familiar to you). However, I can also see that during that single learning session that you had with us your correctness level was 78%, so there might be something valuable for you, after all. One session is very little data to make any conclusions, so I'd encourage you to give it a few more tries if you are still up for it.

Hope this explains :)

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Hi @Henry-Heberle, great question you asked! Our team has attended a polyglot gathering earlier this year, where people who (on average) speak 5-6 languages shared their best practices about language learning. Many polyglots reported that learning with different tools makes their language learning deeper. So, way to go for diversifying your sources!

As for reviewing and learning new words, Lingvist app runs on the spaced repetition formula, which is also called optimal reviewing sometimes. You can read more about spaced repetition in this forum post.

I've looked into your account and noticed that—based on your initial answers—you were not offered the language placement test in the English>German course. This means that based on your answers it was more optimal for you to start learning from scratch. In the last days, your correctness level was around 50%. According to the optimal repetition regimen, you need to review the words that you are struggling with first before you can go ahead to learn new words. As soon as you see a new word it becomes a repeat, and thus increases the burden on your review stack (therefore, in order to facilitate your words acquisition you should master words that you are struggling with first).

The new words will start showing up. I can see that during the last 4 days you have been learning every day. This is a great approach. If you keep up with the same routine, you will eventually remember the words that are challenging now and will start learning new.

It does, however, seem that your learning curve might be steep, as you are a complete beginner (this would, however, happen with any platform you choose - after the initial excitement from trying something new naturally recedes, we are left with a rock of data to sculpt our knowledge). I am learning German from scratch with the app myself and can relate.

Hope this sheds some light. If it can give you the motivation to persevere that'd be fantastic!

P.S. Go through The Stacks folder to browse for resources and add your own there as well, it seems that you might have a few under your belt :)

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Woohoo! :)
Hail, the devs.

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@Руслан-Гимаев, очень рады слышать! На данный момент мы концентрируемся на расширении функционала приложения. После того, как Вы закончите курс, взгляните на этот пост.

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Hi @João-Dinis the old content was discontinued, but don't worry. We are preparing the app for something a lot better! We fully recognize the importance of training reading and listening skills.

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Hi @Nick-Gorton, great question! At the moment, you can't. But don't worry. Keep learning at your own pace. There are no repercussions if you don't meet your daily milestones. The algorithm will show you new words only when you empty your repeat stack.

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Hey @JSka, we haven't been able to reproduce your case yet, but there has been at least one similar report. Since it is an IE issue and the browser is just so uncommon, I wanted to ask if you'd have a chance to switch to a different device (for example, a phone) for the time being? Not that it is a solution for your problem, but I wanted to make sure you know that we have native apps available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Hey @JSka many thanks! Let us try to reproduce.

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Hey @JSka ouch, sorry for an awkward bug. Which browser are you on? If you have a possibility to share a screencast, would be great.

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