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@Дима начиная с 22 сентября разделы Чтения и Слушая были упразднены на всех аккаунтах. Мы ведем подготовку к введению нового раздела, тренирующего чтение и слушание. Тем временем, в приложении уже работает прототип нового раздела в форме упражнений, тестирующих слуховое и визуальное восприятие текста. Упражнения доступны для первых 500 слов и только на мобильных (нативных) приложениях. На данный момент ведется работа по расширению списка слов, для которых доступны упражнения.

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Hey guys, have you all found each on Skype or does this need facilitation?
Who is already doing it? Let us know how it is going.

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@Gabriela-Suna, thanks for your kind words!
I would never be able to tell from your post that you are struggling with English! But duly noted is your wish to have the Spanish>German course.

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Hey there, I'm forwarding your question to our designers. I think they'd be a lot more motivated to give you something if you offer us more than "unknown" as your name. Perhaps provide reasons behind your request?

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Hey @Andrew-Feinberg this feature has now been released!
Check this post.

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@Mateusz-Wojnarowicz you can keep up-to-date with the course size in this thread.

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Hey @Amal @aziz, at the moment, this forum does not have Arabic support, we can only help in English.

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Hey @Rafn-Ágúst-Ragnarsson, check this post about our language roadmap.

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Hey @Sibilis-Afk, here's how our language roadmap looks like.

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Every time you ask us if a new language course is coming soon, a virtual particle of joy pops into existence in the Lingvist universe.

Considering that we are a language learning app, launching new languages is like launching new flight destinations for us, and as long as you want to learn languages, we can "fly language planes". But prerequisite to every flight is a strong commitment across several teams, from hiring linguists to preparing marketing communications for the new course.

Some time ago we put together a roadmap of language pairs we were planning to launch in 2017. Among them were:

  • English for Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese speakers;
  • German, Spanish and Russian for English speakers.

We've delivered on all of these promises and also launched additional TOEIC and TOEFL courses for our Japanese and Chinese learners.

We don't have a roadmap plan for the language pairs we will be/would like to be launching in 2018 yet. One of the reasons behind it is that we are currently following up with the other commitments we have:

  • bringing new features into the app (voice input, speaking exercises, reading and listening training, personalized courses, faster and deeper learning);
  • enhancing existing courses with grammar tips and new words.

You can vote for your most favourite language pair here to help us feel the scale.

Thanks for learning with us and wanting to learn more! It's great to have you aboard;)

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