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Yes but it is hard to translate only that word in this specific context without using a sentence as an example. To shortest, relatively exact translation I could think of is "to get places".

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I don't think it's a bug, I think they put it there just as an example. I have spent some time living in France, and that word is very hard to translate properly. To be honest all those other verbs in the list make no sense to me while I look at that segment "on circulait", it's like the translator tried to shoot the bullseye with them but couldn't possibly hit it, and he knew that while he was shooting. I am no Frenchman, but trust me, that sentence is the best possible attempt of translation there. And I feel they had to put it as an example, because "to get around in" would make much less sense.

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  1. I think a middle ground would be easier to implement - either go from the zero, or do a placement test. I agree that we should have the "easier" words on the repeat stack at least, but I don't think we should skip any easy ones on the way up. For example I lived for a year in France a couple of years ago, I am reasonably fluent, and I find Lingvist great for refreshing.
    Another thing, those easy words might seem trivial to an intermediate or advanced learner, but not all people are there yet. I got to about 70+% on my Spanish, German and French placement tests, but started Russian from the start. Now I'm about 1200 words from the start and only now those "trivial" roots and words are STARTING to sink in. I'm even a native Slavic speaker (of Serbian), and fluent in Slovenian, but what can you do, everybody is different.

  2. You don't need to type in the special characters, just type the regular e, o, c etc and it's all mapped correctly (except the German I-forgot-its-name-"beta" sign and those French "joint" vowels). I don't think it's critical to be nagged by special characters by Lingvist, because it's not just that it's annoying, but when you achieve a reasonable level of fluency, these things sink in by themselves.

But hey, whichever you like and/or find more effective, stick with it.

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I have the same issue on Spanish. In August (I think) I finished the then available words in the course, clicked the "give me a new set"-like button, had like 80 words on the repeat stack then. After finishing that, it's been sitting on 0 to this day. The course works fine though, it's just that constant 0 that keeps showing as indicator.

It might be worthwhile to say that I also finished the French and German courses since then and the number/indicator on the repeat stack always works properly.

Maybe it's a specific glitch with older accounts? I think I first started the Spanish course in January or so.

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Great news!

May be a a silly question, but do you intend to implement these features into the desktop app, and if so, when?

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They scrapped those and are implementing some new practice feature.
You can check this. https://lingvist.com/forum/topic/603/sneek-peek

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Hi everyone, first of all let me say I really like what you've done here and the fact that you've let us beta test this site.

I've incorporated Lingvist into my daily language learning routine and it's really working out for me nicely. Beside my Duolingo tasks, here I do two languages at a time, 200 cards for the primary language and 100 secondary, and also read Wikipedia and listen to radio. Now I'm glad to say I've "graduated" in Spanish here and waiting for more words, plan to just clear the stack every few days, and now my new primary language is the former secondary (German) while the new secondary is French.

But anyway enough of that intro, let me reconnect to what I said about graduating the Spanish course, I really didn't like how the site responds when the stack ends. Not when a user graduates, that notification message is fine. But whenever I clear a repeat stack beyond that graduation milestone, after completing the last card successfully, the lights just go green, there is not even sound for reading that sentence and it seems the site freezes (granted that I finished the course only yesterday, but since after that I finished a repeat stack a couple of times, and today once, and since both times it happened I'm inclined to think it's just how the site handles the stack end). Yesterday I even restarted Firefox and redid the stacks cause I felt it was something on my end, and had a similar feeling today.

So I suggest at the end just adding a message or something like "You've finished the stack for the day, come back tomorrow" etc, idk.

Best regards.

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Same here. Stopped at "6 cards left", when i refreshed, just blank down there. No analysis page either. Restarted Firefox, cleaned the cache and nothing changed.