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Hi, I'm wondering about the total number of registered users and active users on Lingvist? Asking because I'm doing some research into language learning platforms for uni.

Understand if this is currently private information, but would still be interesting in finding out ballpark figures, or even if the figures aren't up to date.


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@thanhvannguyen944 there are some good videos on Youtube that help explain it, but otherwise it's just practice, practice, practice!

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Just a random tip: something that helped me a lot was learning about the IPA for pronunciation help.
You don't have to learn the whole thing, just the symbols and sounds that make up french phonology. The following pages might be helpful:

Most dictionaries will give the pronounciation of words in the IPA, and I've
found this invaluable for learning how different words are pronounced.
Hope this helps! :)

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Are there any plans for an English to Estonian course? I see there's Estonian to
English already. :)

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I'm hoping this is the correct place to post this... anyway, there's a really nice translation dictionary with support for many language pairs for Android. It's called QuickDic. It's free, open source, sources data from Wiktionary and Beolingus, and works offline.


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Out of those features, it was the reading and listening exercises that I used the most. For a phone they are extremely useful since you can then practice listened to or reading the language wherever you are.

A nice enhancement request as well: would be nice if it were possible to mark some listening/reading exercises to be available offline. I just noticed that it looks like the app works offline now too, which is great! I like apps that work offline to save my data while I'm not on wifi. :)