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The count of words in Vocabulary -> View(3503) is correct. But Vocabulary -> Words(3544) in total is not. This happened when there was a wifi failure. After that, learnt words come out as new words. This is also possible when I switch a browser.

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I have used this site for more than 28 hours. Here is my feeling.

  • It is great!
    I haven't found a better place so simple to use, clean, great theme, less temptation.
  • I have to review too many words before learning new ones.
    It is true. In fact, I don't have to remember everything old to learn one word new.
    When I am back hours later, I still have to review them! All!
    It is better to allow some words I cannot remember, because I don't need them currently.
    Some are simple to remember, some are hard. Why can't I skip them?

In all, it is great. I hope it can be improved. Merci beaucoup!

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I see the translation "dish" pops up each time and don't know how to fill in the blanks. Would it be better if we pop "put" as the top meaning?

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@Marina-Shutova Thanks, my mistake. It is better to make clear there is a space needed.

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Before letter "q", the underline is far from letter "e". So the test can never pass.

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