Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I navigate Lingvist?

Using hotkeys, you can move backward and more while learning with Lingvist on different platforms.

You can access Lingvist on your desktop computer, on an iPhone (download through the App Store), or on an Android phone (download through Google Play Store).

Here’s how you navigate the card on different platforms:

iPhone & Android app

  • Swipe right to return to the previous card;
  • Click “Learn word” to reveal the answer.

Desktop computer

  • Press the left arrow on your keyboard to return to the previous card;
  • Press the right arrow on your keyboard to reveal the answer.
  • Press the up arrow to bring up the diacritics menu and the down arrow to hide it.

Get more from Lingvist

We have created an app that gets the most out of Lingvist and your device. Download the app and enjoy Lingvist at its best.