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How do I create my own custom deck of cards?

This feature is currently only available for some language courses.

On mobile (iOS and Android)

In the “Content” page, you will find the “Create a deck” button under the “Decks” section.

On the next screen:

  • The first option allows you to type in/ paste some text
  • The second option allows you to take a picture (of a text, object, or scene)

The system will then analyze the provided text or image and create a deck with the most relevant vocabulary cards. You can then choose to adjust deck title and content, or start learning right away.

On desktop

In the “Hub,” under the “My decks” section, you will find the “Create a deck” button. On the next screen, you can type in some words, paste in some text or upload a .PNG/ .JPG / .TXT file.

After that, our system will create a deck based on the content provided, automatic deck expansion is also possible.

If you click on individual words, you will also be able to select a different example sentence, or even create your own.

Once you are satisfied with the content, you can then press save, share your course (optional) and start learning.

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