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How to report a bug?

If something looks like it shouldn’t be happening, it may be a bug. The most challenging thing about bugs is understanding if what seems to be a bug is indeed a bug or a strangely behaving feature. As every learner’s experience is unique, it could be that a mix of variables produces an effect that appears to be a bug but is actually an odd-looking “expected behavior”.

If you’ve noticed something and think it might be a bug, here’s what you can do:

  • Take a screenshot of the problem and describe what is not working as expected;
  • Tell us what you were doing (step by step) before the bug occurred;
  • Note if the bug occurs repeatedly (if so, how frequently) or disappears after you refresh the page / restart the app.

Please also include:

  • what kind of device you are on (mobile or desktop);
  • if the bug occurs on other devices;
  • name of your operating system (e.g., Windows 7 or Android 6.0) and browser (if applicable, e.g., Chrome 53);
  • your app version, if you are on a mobile device (go to Account -> Profile and scroll to the very bottom).

This way we have sufficient information to try to reproduce the bug internally – the only way we can find it and fix it.

Please email your bug to us and list the email address which is linked to your Lingvist account.