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Can I reset my account/course?

Currently, it’s not possible to reset your account or learning progress for one course, but there is a workaround for starting to learn again from scratch.

The options depend on whether your learning data is connected via email or not.

If your account is connected via email (mobile & desktop)

Simply log out by going to Account -> Settings (the settings icon on the top left of your app) -> Sign out. You can then start learning again from scratch. If you want to save your data you will need to use a different email address.

sign out on mobile

Please note that subscriptions cannot be moved to a new email address. Please contact us to help sort out how to use your subscription with your new account.

If your account is not connected via email (mobile apps only)

  1. Go to Account -> Settings -> Clear data

clear data

Please note that learning progress in all courses will be reset and cannot be recovered.