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      I bought a subscription but still have no access

      The most common problem with subscriptions not working is learners being logged in with a different Lingvist account. Luckily, it’s very easy to troubleshoot this:

      1. Check the email address where you received the payment confirmation;
      2. Go to Account -> Profile and check if the email address matches.

      If the email address is different, sign out of your Lingvist account and sign back in with the email address linked to your payment. The subscription will be waiting for you there.

      Note: Please note that on mobile (Android and iOS) you are able to purchase without signing up. If you have done this, please go to Account -> Create an account in order to save your data and sync it on multiple devices.

      If the email address is the same but you still don’t have access, waste no time and drop a us quick email with the subject line “Purchased but no access.”

      Please include the following:

      1. A screenshot of your Account -> Profile page
      2. A screenshot of your Account -> Subscription page
      3. The email confirmation of your subscription, either from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or directly from us.

      We will troubleshoot it for you right away!