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      I can't hear anything / my audio doesn't work!

      Every now and then the reason for a missing audio is very simple and can be fixed easily by checking the three things explained below.

      On mobile

      Check if it is enabled in three places:

      • The app (under Settings, make sure your sound is on)

        Enable sound on iOS

      • Your phone (the hardware – if you have a mute button)
      • On the volume control (make sure it isn’t reduced to zero)

      On a desktop computer

      Check if it is enabled in two places:

      • The app (The sound setting is on the left side. See the GIF below.)

      Enable sound on web app

      • Your computer (the hardware)

      If you’ve made sure that it is enabled everywhere but there is still no sound, check your Internet connection. Audio may go missing in case of a slow or unstable Internet connection.

      Finally, if you’ve checked all of the aforementioned and the audio is still missing, it is most likely a bug. Please shoot us an email and share with us the following:

      • Is the audio missing everywhere on the app (cards, Challenges, going one card back)?
      • Does the audio go missing after a while or right away?
      • Does the audio come back if you restart the app?
      • Does the audio come back if you use headphones?

      Unless you are sending an email from the app, please list your app version (Account, scroll down), your device type (desktop/iOS/Android), and where you are using the app (mobile app or a browser > name, version).