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I have too many words to review. Can I switch them off?

The Lingvist app runs on spaced repetition. Spaced repetition is an approach where word reviews occur at the optimal timing, when you are just about to forget them.

According to the spaced repetition regimen, you won’t see any new material until you have reviewed everything that is queued for repetition. As soon as you see a new word, it becomes a repeat and thus increases the burden on your stack of words to practice. So, in order to see more new words, you should bring the count of your words to practice to zero.

As recalling information you are about to forget may oftentimes be psychologically challenging, experiencing slight frustration while going through your review words is normal. Keep this in mind when going through your repeats and think of it as a review phase in your learning cycle which “too shall pass”.

If you are curious to learn what affects the growth of your words to practice, check the related article: “Why do I see the same words again?

You can now choose to “mute” particular words so that they do not show up in your practice.

You can also choose to learn words from only one deck or multiple decks at once.

These settings are available when you select the Lingvist Deck you want to learn.

Lingvist ios course deck focus enable

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